(Andhra Pradesh)

Y. Sree Ramulu  (born 20.04.1953) is a poet & Play wrighter. He has to his credit 8 books of poetry & 3 books of Drama. His famous books are (i) Elixir on Earth (English),  (ii) Shades of Moon Light (English), (iii) Jalagandam (Telugu), (iv) Rangulla Pakshi (Telugu) & Akasam Antharinchadu (Telugu).  He is recipient of Bharatheya Dalith Sahitya Academi Award, Telugu Sahitya Samithi Award.
About his writings he says, "My work is the expression given to my aversion to those corporate traders who commodified land, water, air, fire and sky. This is the verbalization of my strong protest against the tendency that keeps the poor and lowly beyond the puriveiw of development. My resentment is also against those who want to trample upon the poor to achieve affluence, globally....

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a poem by
Y. Sreeramulu

The dawn is preceded by the first
tender ray of the sun
A shy hesitance
precedes a smile like a bud blossom in to a flower
Even the mightiest of the trees sprouts
from a tiny seed
Which raises its head in the skies
with flourishing branches,
leaves and flowers
Particles of soil and stones constitute mighty mountains
The ice capped Himalayan ranges
are no different
Even the densest cloud
comprise of droplets of vapor
The endless of water
All sciences were born from the
mute gaze in to the skies
Was not an inquisitive thought the origin
of all exploratory research
The beauty of all spectacles lies
in the beholding eye
Inelegant childhood is the foundation
of a precious life
Childhood is an invaluable sweet dream
Childhood is that vanishing moon light