Highlights of 9th. International Writers Festival-India
held on 09-10 November, 2013 at Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) - India
Venue :  Narayana Engineering College, Nellore (Andhra Pradesh)


How great the idea of being   one. The ‘oneness’ brings charm to the world. It drenches one and all in happiness; It scatters experience;  It shares happiness; it lessens hopelessness; It hides loneliness and it shows godliness. ‘World’ is a noble creation of god. And ‘family’ is an amazing gift of god to all the beings in the world. Man is the most lovable one to God among all the beings. It is true because man is gifted with the sense of discrimination. Man should remain lovable to God by choosing ‘good’ and ‘love’. Man should love all the beings equally and strive for their welfare.

This strange and amazing thing happened at  Narayana Engineering College, Nellore (Andhra Pradesh) – India,  on 9th and  10th of Nov 2013. The Programme   was designed and organised  by Dev Bharatwaj, Director, IICCA, Chandigarh.  The like minded poet Perugu  Ramakrishna, Asst Commercial Tax Officer, Nellore and Dr. K. Saroja  Devi, HOD-Dept of H&S, Narayana  Engineering College, Nellore being the chief co-ordinators, made the Programme successful  and fruitful.  The event was co-organised by 1.International Poets Society (Face Book), 2. Shruti-the School of Music, Guwahati (Assam), and 3. Narayana Engineering College, Narayana Avenue, Nellore-524 004 (Andhra Pradesh) and was Supported by : Sannidhi Publications, Chief Editor: Allu Bhaskar Reddy, Nellore (Andhra Pradesh)-India, Murali Krishna Group Hotels,Trunk Toad, Nellore (Andhra Pradesh)- India
The writers from all over India and various parts of the world like south Africa, Uzbekisthan, Bangladesh, presented  their papers and recited their poems on the theme ‘Vasudhaiva  Kutumbakam’.  Vasudhaiva  Kutumbakam, A Sanskrit  Phrase, means the whole world is one single family. It is derived as- ‘vasudha’  =the earth, ‘eva =in deed is ‘kutumbakam’   =family. Mahopanisad describes it as the characteristic of great men Panchatantra says that ‘This one is a relative; this other one is a stranger- is for the mean minded. For those who are known as magnanimous, the entire world constitutes but a family. The concept of Vasudhaiva  Kutumbakam  provides peace and harmony among the societies in the world. The world can maintain balance itself only when the inhabitants respect nature’s law. All other beings in nature are not as intelligent as man. They never go against nature’s law. Then it is the man who may disturb the law. If the man loves fellow beings as he loves himself. God will love him and the world will remain the single family. Then there will be no need to frame rules and regulations in the human society.


Welcoming the delegates... Dr. Parinita Goswami

Welcoming the delegates.. Dr. K. Saroja Devi

National song before the start of Festival


Lighting of Lamp by Chief Guest Prof. G. Rajarami Reddy

Lighting of Lamp by Asror Allayarov (Uzbekistan)

Lighting of Lamp by Jacob Isaac ( South Africa)


Lighting of Lamp by Prof. Narul Karim Nasim (Bangladesh)

Lighting of Lamp by Principal Dr. G. Jagadeeswar Reddy
& Sri Allu Bhaskar Reddy

Lighting of Lamp - Dr. Parinita Goswami Dr. K. Saroja Devi


Lighting of Lamp - Dev Bhardwa, Perugu Ramakrishna

Welcome Dance by students of the college

Chief Guest addressing the delegates


Sri Vadrevu China Veerabhadrudu,
delivering Keynote address

Dr. Jagadeeswara Reddy, Principal
speaking on the occassion

Dev Bhardwaj, Director IICCA, the organiser sharing his views on the Writers Festival


Perugu Rama Krishna, co-organiser

Jacob Isaac (South Africa)

Honoring the Chief Guest


Honoring Sri Vadrevu China Veerabhadrudu

Honoring Mr. Asror Allayarove

Honoring the Chief Guest by Allu Bhaskar Reddy


Honoring the artist Sri Ravi Babu

Release of books

A session in progress


A session in progress

A session in progress

A session in progress


A view of participants

A view of participants

A view of participants