3rd International Writers Festival-India
held on 29-30 September 2007 at Agra (Uttar Pradesh)-India
(A report)



Indeed, literature plays a vital role in shaping a society and colors in Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. This three-point significance of literary outpourings leads to the world peace and community development. The Writers’ Club International under the banner of Inter-India Continental Cultural Association, Chandigarh organized the Writers’ third international meet at the Conference Hall of Youth Hostel, Sanjay Palace, Agra wherein the writers of various literary branches participated from 25 states of the India and from 8 countries abroad. The meet was organized as a festival on 29th and 30th September 2007. The regional and local organizer Dr. R.S. Tewari ‘Shikhresh’ managed the meet under the valuable guidance of Mr. Dev Bharadwaj, the President of the Writers’ Club International and Director India Inter-continental cultural association(IICCA) Chandigarh. The Writers’ Festival was inaugurated jointly by Padamshree Dr. Shyam Singh “Shashi” and Prof. B. K. Singh, Ex-vice Chancellor, Kanpur University, Kanpur. Dr. Shashi stressed upon the need of brotherhood and peace in the globe so as to tame terrorism. He advocated for Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram for the purpose mentioned above.  Prof. B.K. Singh said that the Writers’ should try to produce such literature as could develop the feeling of Vasudhev Kutumbkam – the whole world is a family. Dr. R. P. Tewari, in his presidential address explored that the country needed the soldiers of pen having the ink of nationalism. He mentioned analytically that we should not go after mere imagination but deal with realism and existentialism. He referred to sublimity of thought in literature. The festival was made glorious by the presence of Mr. Kasum Cana from Croatia, Kama Sywor Kamanda from Luxembourg, Mr. Legiti from Hungry, Mr. Valery Novoselsky (Roma Network, Israel),  Mr. Basri Capriqi from Kosovo, Prof. Rafique Ullah Khan & Prof. Mustafizur Rahman from Bangladesh and Mr. Manmohan Singh an NRI from England. The welcome note was extended by Dr. Swatantra, Assistant Professor, G.L.A. Institute of Technology and Management. On this occasion more than a dozen of books from various regions of the country were also released.  Dev Bharadwaj, Director IICCA while addressing the delegates said, “The Festival aims at spreading the feeling of brotherhood, peace and trying to make harmony between man and man.”  Apart from reputed poets, authors and journalists some eminent figures such as Mr. C. R. Modgil, Director Haryana Sahitya Academy, Prof. Raamaa Chandramauli, a Tamil literary artist; Dr. Shashi Tewari, an eminent poet from Agra and Dr. Trimohan from U.P., Chairman of the New Saint Stephen School, Agra also graced the occasion with their presence. ; Advocate S.C. Verma honoured the guests and the students of the same school under the guidance of Director, K.K. Mishra presented a beautiful cultural program. The delegates also visited the 7th wonder of the world – the Taj Mahal.   --- R. S. Tiwari


      In this world where life has been torn into smithereens innumerable and the flow of crime, violence and warfare is incessant the human urge to grope for the light of love and peace grows fervently and hands come out magnanimously in the hope of engineering new castles of peace. The last few decades have brought the world to the brink of near disaster and the manifold growth of the anti-human mind-clusters brings the formidability of the darkness into sight. In such a sorrow state of affairs it is but satisfying and soothing when we come across the olive leaves and the roses ever smiling to give us just happiness and happiness only. The human gallantry towards this objectives takes many a shape and one among them, of course the most noble one, is the bringing together of the people of different hue under one roof beneath the flag of peace.

      On 29th of September 2007 The India inter-Continental Cultural Association (IICCA), Chandigarh organized its third international writers meet in the city of the first wonder of the world, ‘The Taj’. The conference had a nice and jubilant start with the lighting of the lamp by none other than the Padam Shri Dr. Shyam Singh Shashi, a name not so unknown to the Indian literary world. The other dignitaries who adorned the event were Dr. B.K. Singh, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Agra, Mr. C.R. Modgil Director, Haryana Punjabi Sahitya Academy, Shri Raamaa Chandra Mouli, a famous Telgu writer, Mr. Manohan Singh Mohan, an NRI writer from U. K.  Dr. Shyam Shashi was the chief guest of the event and Dr. Raamaa Mouli delivered the Presidential Address. Dr. Shashi stressed the need to adhere to the path of love and peace shown by Gandhi ji and this could be realized only by the noble ones on earth, the thinkers, poets and writers. In the evening session five papers were presented which was followed by the session of poetry recitation and cultural presentations. Mr. Manmohan Mohan while expressing his indebtedness to the IICCA , its mission and the noble work being done by Mr. Dev Bhardwaj, Director, IICCA, announced a financial help of Rs. one Lakh for the future arrangements. On 30th of September besides the sessions of poetry recitation an ‘inter-language translation group’ was formed which would be working over the bringing together of the poetry compositions of different languages into a single volume.  The most novel and worth appreciating element about the event was the purely academic and non-political appearance where there was no place for politics, the ever-expanding flatulent culture in India and abroad. The academic and intellectual conglomerate together made the occasion thought-rich and conducive for the fostering of brilliance in creativity. Over one hundred and twenty poets, fiction, storywriters, and academicians attended the conference. There were people from 9 countries an   d about 25 states of India and this made the occasion a mega-event in every sense of the term. The event received a wide media coverage and thus paved the way for the furtherance of the cause of love and peace at the global level. The participants as well as the observant audience gave a heartfelt compliment to Mr. Dev Bhardwaj for the magnificent conduct of the event.   --  Harish Thakur                   

Highlights in Pictures


   Pictures by Janardhan Pathania

Inaugural session - Kama Kamanda, S.S. Shashi,
Ranu Baishya & others

Inaugural session - Kama Kamanda, S. S. Shashi, Ranu Baishya & others

Releasing book - C. R. Moudgil, Kamanda, S.S. Shashi

Garlading the delegates

Dev Bhardwaj, Director IICCA
welcoming the delegates

Raamaa Chandramaouli presenting
inaugural speech

Perugu Ramakrishna presenting a paper

R.U. Khan  & Mr. Valery Novoselsky

Radha Binod Nayak, R.U.  Khan
& Valery Novoselsky

Jagdish Rawtani (of Sindhi Academi Delhi)

Shagufta Ghazal addressing the audience

Mustafizur Rahman

Sailaja Mithra (Andhra Pradesh)

Gitanjali (Assam)

Swapnali (Assam)

Shagufta reciting urdu poetry

Dev Bhardwaj presenting Sufiana kalaam

Metali Phukan & Anu Rani Devi

Amitava Chakrabarty (West Bengal)

Victor Rajkumar (Assam)

Lipipusap Nayak (Orissa)

Mrs. V. Rajkumar, JS Pathania &  Lipinayak

Kasum Cana & Lipi nayak

Radha Binod Nayak & Lipi Nayak

JS Pathania, Shagufta Ghazal & I. H. Rizvi

I. H. Rizvi & Shagufta Ghazal

Neer Shabnam (Maharashtra)

Swapnali & Gitanjali (Assam)

Kunti & Metali Phukan

Mohinder Bhatnagar (Delhi)

Manmohan Singh Mohan  (U.K.), Shagufta, Shashi & Kasum Cana

Kasum Cana, Dev Bhardwaj & J. S. Pathania

Kasum Cana with Shagufta Ghazal

Kasum Cana with Dance artists

Dev Bhardwaj & Manjit Indira

Basri Capriqi (Kosovo)

Presenting certificates

Alvida (Goodbye) - Kasum Cana & Amar Giri

Kasum Cana & Dev Bhardwaj           
Ailynti Nongbri (Meghalaya)