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Educational Qualification :  M.A.(Eng.), SET (Maharashtra)

Creative work : One poetry collection, Five poems
Poetry collection ‘THE GREAT MARATHA’ (ISBN: 978-81-927534-3-0)
Published Poems : Five
Research Paper Publications : 8 International /2 National
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Teaching Experience : (3 years)
At present working in Rayat Shikshan Sanstha`s Balwant College,Vita (MS)

(Release ceremony of the book "The Great Maratha"

Poems by Vishal Bodhale


*This is an imaginary name of beloved.)

Let we go you and I
for hell and heaven
world would die

Sky is blue and clouds are new
heart and desert, wait for glue 

Oh my maiden, why do you laugh?
my dreamy eyes ,forgot every map.. 

Would you then, share my road..?
full of rush and full of load 

Here is my mind, the haunted wind
hidden smile, promise of kind 

Are you dream, and are you world
leave that herd.. my singing bird 

Let these men, cry for death
love is life, and love is breath 

When I saw, sun baked earth
turn of grief, return of mirth 

Let this crowd, mourn and spy
share this heaven at every high 

Come my love don’t be shy
leave this earth, let we fly.

Sea is deep and wide is sky
God is alone
would never die….                 



Though poor am I.

Crossed she
mine trodden path
laughed angel
in waste
marshy land.

Those busy nations
working souls
wealthy tinges.

This rut mud
inheritance of
universal doom
raised green shaft
will lotus bloom.
In petals
clasped she
as cursed nymph

Where would I
spread my sky ?
Which unseen heaven
would everyone die?

Rich is love
rich is life
rich is her
every decorated tie.

Though poor am I…
poor am I……

(Intro: This poem comments on the qualified persons who are ignored in the rush due to their adhering with their principles. To born in such world becomes crime for them, their compromise with life deserves only the punishment.)

They say that
life is an ordeal
for whom….should we mourn?

Here is the race of mules
testing virginity of females
measuring sizes of penis,
Kingdom of donkeys
mules are reserved
for fresh progenies.

Oh Almighty
show me equality
have been they
preaching since long time.
This giant cattle house
we are born for kicks.
Our guilty predecessors
pick from heaven
hell they founded in past.

Whose crime
and to whom this punishment?
The Law of Forest….!

Though are we born as lions
are they toying with
removed nails and sharp teeth.
Rarest roar I hear sometime
and poorly believe myself
a helpless lion
drenched in his own urine
feeling cool and comfort.

The cave of my own mothers
delivering race of new brothers.


(Intro. The Spiritual love has such a power which attains the eternal existence. The smile of beloved makes lover to enliven after the rushing with daily conflicts.)

Is this life
to rust days
for the lust of hopes?

Will you repeat again
her very gracious smile ?
Stroke on my
nude earth
as lightening in incessant rain.
Naked world robed then
spirit to live
spirit to love.

Why so tears then?
still she stood before me..
The celestial maiden
of my forbidden heaven.
Her each unseen sight..
pours God`s deliverance.

Above the infinite sky
My Lord invigilates
life which he given
initiated with cry
accompanies till die.

Her only smile
echoed in solitary soul
predicts my poor eternity.




(Intro .When a person wants to gain something with honest aim then to keep patience is very important, as every highest peak can be achieved with toil and with appropriate time.)

Why did you beget
so sour fruit?
Bent on thy tree.
Wretched seeds
garden of gloom
thy dotted signs.

Though I collect
pile over pile
buried mine soul
tattered flag
fossils of rut life.

Thy rare twit
teases my beat
praying hands
cold thy heat..!

Didn`t you smile
behind her coyness ?
forgot I every race…
Why should I run
to bed own hearse ?
Far spread cemetery
predicts my procession.
Which thirst
are you raised ?
Where this desert?
Which mirage
should I chase..?
So orphan thy love is?

Still thy flute
soaks my tears
little lake in desert
when slept all world
we met in boat
song of life
rippled in waves..

Thy gracious breeze
taught ……lesson of patience…


(Intro .This poem is about the two attitudes of human life the good and bad. Only after the death the virtues and vices are counted. The perfection of life is somewhere when the demon dreams for heaven. Failure also has the power of great creation.)

When would I come at your gate
laid on mine hearse
to juxtapose the final truth
you inherited to mankind,
rode on the Unicorn of mercy..
Then accept me
as it is…
Whose tears
had not bound
streams of
thy blessed rivers.
And the far sea
had he dreamt
with every breath
remained no-more.

So was I
drenched then soaked,
into the cores
of unasked questions.
Mine own fetters
Demon am I…
..thirst of blood
circulating within,
mock hunger
to perish thy world.

Would you dare
to lighten my
darkened world ?
These long dungeons
of unfaith,
doubtful ghosts
patrolling within.

Though died I
then come as pyre
to burn my holy desire.
Carry my bones
to decorate
thy eternal garland.
Dead ornaments
will speak truly…..

‘The burnt was
the faithful one
under your devastated sky
had courage
to lighten
the death ridden world.’
The Ash- the gift
you offered afterlife.
Though I did not complain
And why should be?

Phoenix within me
killed the demon
waiting for thy heaven.