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Vijay Kumar Rathore

Vijay Kumar Rathore (born 15 March 1950) is a senior Government official at Janjgir (Chhatishgarh) He has written five books of poetry so far. The notable are : (i) Anjuri Bhar Dhoop (1993), Aisay Samay Main (2000) and Hame Ek Ishwar Chahiye (2003). He has been honoured by several organisations like Jamini Academi, Panipat, Madhya Pradesh Writers Association and Bajme Adab Jhabuya.

Address : Near Gattani School, Janjgir, Distt. Janjgir-Champa (Chhatisgarh) India -
Phone : (Mobile) 94252-31043 

by Vijay Kumar Rathoure

The God said to him
To go anywhere
In this big universe
With whatever
He can carry.
For example
Beautiful flowers
Attractive sparrows
The green mountains
The running deer
And charming damsels
Carry whatever you want
And just proceed to any planet
In the milky-way.
He thanked the Allmighty
Snatched a handful of dust
And flew towards the sky
After putting the dust in his pocket.
Preserving the dust
To sow the seed
He continues his search
For the new planet.
(Translated by Gurdip Singh Bajwa)

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