Dr. Vijay Kumar Roy



Dr. Vijay Kumar Roy was born on April 08, 1978 at village Pandaul in Darbhanga district of Bihar. He did MA (English), LLB and PhD from LN Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar, and CELTA from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. He has 3 books of poetry and 13 critical books to his credit. He is a university teacher, and editor-in-chief of Ars Artium, a widely indexed international research journal of humanities and social sciences published from New Delhi.

Authored Books
1.      Realm of Beauty and Truth: A Collection of Poems (2016)
Aesthetic of John Keats: An Indian Approach (2010)
Premanjali (2009) (A Collection of Poems in Hindi)

Edited Books
4.      Post-Independence Indian Poetry in English: New Experimentation (2015)
5.      English Language Teaching: New Approaches and Methods (2013)
The Melodies of Immortality (2012) (An anthology of Poetry)
7.      Spiritual Poetry of India in English Translation (2012)
Contemporary Indian Spiritual Poetry in English: Critical Explorations (2012)
Teaching of English: New Dimensions (2012)
10.  Indian Poetry in English: A Comprehensive Study (2011)
Women’s Voice in Indian Fiction in English (2011)

Co-edited Books:

12.  Comparative Literature: Critical Responses (2014)
Contemporary Indian Fiction in English: Critical Studies (2013)
Value Education and Professional Ethics: An Anthology (2013)
Humanities and Social Sciences: The Quintessence of Education (2012)

Co-edited and Translated Book Published from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

16.  K. Sekhar’s Hindi- Speak with the Hearts of Indians (2013)

Award: (1) Lifetime Achievement Award

Address: Village: Pandaul, PO: Kalaunjar, District: Darbhanga-848125, Bihar.

Email: drvkroy78@yahoo.com

Beauty and Truth

Beauty is Truth. It pleases every great heart. But what is real beauty? This has, to some extent, a hidden meaning. Real beauty is that which makes our heart beautiful in all spheres of life. When our heart is beautiful we seek beauty (goodness) in everything. We think good thoughts; we see goodness in everything. We hear only the good. When goodness captivates our soul, we are bound to do only good deeds. This is the way to reach the Truth.

Truth itself is naked. Water is accepted or neglected if mixed with some sugar or salt, so truth also changes its effect when mixed with love (sweetness) or bitterness. Love is the best ornament of Truth that allures our heart and brings us near the beauty of Truth. Its attainment makes life beautiful and every desire seems fulfilled. God comes near us in the forms of natural phenomena and teaches us moral lessons, self-discipline and love for all living beings. Here begins our relationship with all that exist on this most beautiful planet and we are engrossed by the term ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’. In this rare world there is no difference between low and high, great and small and living and non-living. We begin to love all with the utmost joy. We shed tears seeing anyone in trouble.

Love has such magnetic force that makes the Truth our only goal. It is a source through which we can attain the supreme knowledge. It makes us conscious to perceive the beauty of Truth. We begin to see the presence of God in everything, in the scenery of the rising sun, the setting sun, running of water like a serpent, the trembling of leaves of trees, the tender buds, beautiful flowers, cascades, valleys, series of mountains and so on. We enjoy the beauty of nature because here our soul meets the Divine Soul. All these forms of beauty bring us in the lap of the Almighty where we attain self-realization.

Self-realization paves our path to all branches of knowledge and makes us stand before the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. It enables us to talk with the Invisible Force and enlightens our mind. It makes us cultured, disciplined, refined and morally strong. Self- realization fascinates Truth and Intellect. When we attain these two, Delight is bound to come naturally. This confluence of Truth (sat), Intellect (chit) and Delight (aanand) - Sachchidaanand – gives us ecstasy of delight (Parmaanand). This is a rare achievement and equates the sum total of human knowledge. This is the greatest goal achieved on this earth that had allured the saints, sages and seers of ancient times and has been alluring great souls even now.

Let us begin the journey of supreme bliss!


“Vijay Kumar Roy's collection of poems Realm of Beauty and Truth brims with poems for many readers. They cover themes that entertain meditations on nature, landscapes, family, philosophy, teaching, and the meaning of life. These poems are accessible to a broad spectrum of readers. The notes also help to give the context of the poems and details within. I recommend that you read these poems aloud with a friend and initiate a discussion that starts with Beauty and proceeds to Truth. It is a conversation that will uplift your spirit.”

-          Michael Boylan, Professor of philosophy at Marymount University, USA & author of The Good, The True, and The Beautiful (2008).

“Vijay Kumar Roy’s poems are more than testimony to his poetics; in lyrics of ringing clarity and precision, he conjures a will to survive, the buoyant motion towards love and nature which is sometimes all that saves us.

His themes embody the symbols, not only of everyday life, but they pull us past the events, beyond the struggles. His poems explore the spaces of the past and the present, the personal and the political, the conscious and unconscious, the living and the dead, that resound across cultures and languages in sympathy or protest with each other. These are poems that establish their emotional authority through their very movement – their whispering music. We are guided by a stunning and solitary voice into the poet’s spirituality.

Roy’s collection assumes the need for poetry to move the human heart, to confront and examine his life’s experiences, love, loss and more, not to be imprisoned by them, but to encourage the reader to continue his or her own journey through life. And throughout, his images of landscape, both natural and of the heart, are symbols out of which light strikes or can be struck. His poems resonate in the imagination long after they have been read.”

-          Patricia Prime, editor and reviewer, New Zealand.

“The poetry of Vijay Kumar Roy is intimately concerned with the themes of humanitarianism and spirituality. His poems will take you on an enlightening inner journey from the corrupt deeds of educators to the unconditional love of Lord Krishna.”

-          Rob Harle, English poet, critic and painter, Australia.

“Roy’s poems explore all aspects of human life. He vindicates the faces of human suffering that he experiences in India and Ethiopia. … The poet is idealistic and philosophic in his nature …. The moral, ethical and philosophic side of his character strongly stands in support of his patriotic poetry. His narrative poems have good quality of storytelling.… Beauty is one of the major themes of the poetry of Vijay Kumar Roy.”

-          Aju Mukhopadhyay, Indian English writer, Puducherry, India.***