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Tushar Parmar

Tushar Parmar (born 29 August 1968) is a upcoming poet His poems has been published in various journals and newspapers etc.

Address :149 Shyam Baungalows Part-1, IOC Road,  Chandkheda-382424, Distt. Gandhinagar (Gujarat) India

Phone :  Mobile : 98795-52446


Tushar Parmar

Let, a last drop oozes out from
his flowing blood of his veins.
Let, a last tear oozes out from
his deep weeping of his heart
Let, the last gate may close down
for the bright fortune.
Darkness, an utter darkness
encircled his existence.
Leta last ray of hope
be snatched away, too.
Against : have-nots,
exploitation and unhappiness
An alone and a helpless man
Daily, hanging-jerking, rubbing, dashing-thrashing
in the local train ..
Slowly, very slowly becomes
an insect a man
And compels himself to believe
that, it can not be made unhappen, what happens.
Then ?!
Brokers of power happily clapping their hands
Steadfast brain, steadfast brain !!
(Translated by Harish Mangalam)

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