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T. Narayana Swamy

T. Narayana Swamy (born 1 Jan 1936) is a retired Deputy Director who is now fully devoted to writing poetry..

Address : 496, Model Colony, IInd Cross, yeshvanthpur, Bangalore, Karnataka (India)

Phone : 080-23372916

T. Narayana Swamy (Karnataka)

Time and tide waits for none
Peace and Brotherhood is a must
Peace and brother hood is inevitable
From cradle to the grave
In the present tedious mechanical life
The role of peace and brotherhood
Has a great significance
The story of Mahabharath is a poem.
Without any discrimination between
have’s and have not’s
Brotherhood living and peace is its origin.
The recitation of Shanthi Manthra
Brings solace to the mind
In Ramayana Ravana’s trouble
In Mahabharatha enimity of Kaurava’s & Pandava’s

Budha, Basava & Gandhi
Have preached us Peace and Brother Hood
The beauty of peace and brother hood-falls
Brings Ramarajya
The enriched beauty of Nature
Is a lesson of Peace and Brother Hood
The materiel of “Vasudyva Kutumba”
Cannot be bought in a Shandy
Religious mutts and Mandir
Are it’s base
The whole universe is like a
“Vasudyva Kutumba” and
We are all It’s family members

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