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T. Ashok Chakravarthy

T. Ashok Chakravarthy (born 7 May 1959) is composing poetry for the past 20 years. He has composed nearly 1000 poems, with over 400 poems published in various national and international magazines.  He has received several commendations apart from two poetry publications till datye, titled (i) Charismata of Poesie & (ii) The Chariot of Musings.  He was honoured during 2004 with Doctor of Literature (D. Litt) by the World Academy of Arts and Culture, USA. And very recently he also nominated as Universal Peace Ambassador by the Universal Peace Alliance, France.
Address : 16-2-836/L, Plot-39, Madhavnagar, Saidabad, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) India - 500 059
Phone : 040-24060419,

Selected poems by T. Ashok Chakravarthy


Oh Humans !!!
What sort of life?
Is bestowed upon.
At one end or the other,
Life is compelled
To relentlessly fluctuate
With ruthless emotions,
And uncertain fractions.

Snatched untimely
Are some dear ones
Shattered abruptly
Are some near ones.
Holding an emotive ache,
Of unbearable brunt
Every heart is broken,
Every hope lay weaken,
Leaving us ultimately
Midst untimely frustration.

Torturing humanity at will
Creating conflicts at will,
Lives in thousands
Are untimely executed.
Provoking natures fury
At regular intervals,
Devastations are enforced
Leaving millions astray.
Whom to trust?
Whom to rely upon
To unfold the mystery.

Lo, imperceptible destiny,
How to cope the torments?
How to cope the uncertainty?
Within you, is there no mercy?
Upon whom do you shower?
Your blessings of clemency?
Speak, Oh ruthless destiny.


Humanity is butchered on the streets,
The thought of love and brotherhood;
Seems buried and bulldozed in hearts.
The enemy should entirely be eliminated.

To save mankind from the fanatic grapple,
With vengeance and spirit of martyrdom;
Courageously you keep the flame of struggle,
Staking lives, to hold aloft human wisdom.

Oh! Peace building, peacekeeping warriors
Aiming to transform wars into peace zones,
You shoulder tasks midst conflicts and wars
Fighting for a cause, ignoring your dear ones.

To cultivate peace with a patriotic fervor,
To glorify peace and its resultant outcome,
Without motives selfish, you struggle forever
Imparting love’s essence to unfurl a dream.

Flowers shower from the warriors’ heaven,
Cool breeze flows from the valiant horizon,
A rainbow reflecting peace is set to adorn,
Wish, we humans unite without any friction.


Flowers will bloom
Thoughts will blossom
Is there but a room
To look at others gloom.

Fleeting time
On its own rhyme
Moves unceasingly;
At times menacingly.

Bloomed flowers
Wither by layers
New ones herald,
To ignore the old.

Tendencies change
Fluctuations charge
Dear ones disperse
Hopes look adverse.

The beautiful sunset
Lure the hour twilight
The rainbow delightful
Wanes after a short spell.

The moonlit night
Chase the daylight
But a thought amusing
Stoke up an emotive song.


It’s painful and deplorable
Unbelievable and unbearable
Yes, your eyes mournful
Speak volumes invisible,
Where life’s vacuum is visible
Hid behind a cheer, imaginable.
Yes, in your warm embrace
Childhood days I still trace
I know, despite being unable
To cope-up the day-long toil
I was neither denied a meal
Nor denied the motherly zeal
Yes, with memorable delight
You provided every comfort.
Old age that has now befallen
Almost carved you like a skeleton
Neither able to move nor walk
In silence your blinking eyes talk
Desperation perhaps awaits death
To rid of this inexplicable wrath
But my dear and dearest mother
The very thought stirs intense fear
Yes, I cannot visualize any future
God! I beg my life for my mother dear.


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