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Sukumar Bhoi

Sukumar Bhoi (born 18 June 1967) is Chairman, Prajnabharatee (a centre for literature & culture)., Kermeli. He is a poet, playwright, essayist, translator, short-story writer, actor, director, photographer, painter. He has to his credit 3 book of poetry and 3 books of drama. Notable books : (i) Love (poems), (ii) My journey (poems) (iii) Rehersal (play)
Notable Awards & Honours :  (i) G. M. College, Sambalpur, S. B. I. Sohela, (iii) K.P.S. Govt. of India, (iv) S.S.S. Sambalpur
Address :  Chairman, Prajnabharatee, Kermeli., P. O. Tabada, Via-Sohela, Dist. Bargarh (Orissa)-768 033
Phone : 06685-228090  Email :


Two poems by
Sukumar Bhoi


You give us food and shelter,
Peace and prosperity & water
But , we kill you, just to prove,
that we are superior & none should improve.


The earth sleeps
in the lap of
silvery light
of autumn moon
peacefully like
an innocent child,
Donít disturb her.
let her sleep naturally
till the morning
with the bright sun
to aspire.

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