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  Sukhdev Bhatia is a graduate in Astronomy , Science and Engineering . He has studied almost all religions of the world for four decades to find reasons for existence of Myths in different religions. This interest got generated during time of his graduation in Astronomy, which he did more than four decades ago. He took to writing ten years ago .
Four books with following titles are in various stages of publication
1. Mythological Juggernaut - Already Published
2. The Great transference –Under Publication – Planned to be out by Nov 2013
3. The First Obliteration – Text finalised - Planned for publication in April 2014
4. The Moon Dynasty – Conceptualised – Planned to be out by Nov 2014
All books are semi fictional and linked to different aspects of Mythology .
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The book takes you through 7000 years of human existence and tries to analyze why mythical stories forming basis of religion in most of the countries cannot be rejected out rightly, as some of the locations and sites related to these myths are in existence even today. These mythical stories may appear as true historical narratives to the faithful but do not appeal to a modern rational mind.
The author in a logical and lucid manner discusses the possible factors and reasons for development of religious myths, as these are affecting every human on our earth whether through traditions or as a religious phenomenon.
-Book is a result of painstaking study of four decades of different religions to find background of religious myths.
-Super compact narration of religious stories from angle of a rationalist, to filter true from untrue.
-A wonderful conceptualization of events, spanning over seven millenniums
-A semi fictional work but a book of knowledge, a must read for all modern minds


The empire of White Huns in ancient times had extended to vast areas of China , Western Parthia, Kashmir and Central India .
-White Huns were followers of Tengri religion but one of their powerful kings considered himself to be endowed with special blessings of Shiva and he started destroying Buddhist monasteries all over his empire and up to present Jabalpur.
-The great Hun emperor was defeated in a famous war fought at Gwalior , Central India.
-Even after defeat, by ruse and deceit he managed to reach Kashmir and after few years in hiding , he succeeded in becoming king of Kashmir and adjoining areas and continued his mission of obliteration.
-A rare work of fiction based on historical facts.
- A unique story , never told before.


A monk, head of one of the oldest Gompas in mini Tibet had mastered the great art of transference of soul.
- He informs that he will reincarnate ten solar years after his death, in a far off place and leaves his body.
- The search team moves along the silk route , the famous trade route, existing as early as 1000 BC , to locate the divine child.
- Dakini, the empty form of true reality guides them to the child,
- Through subtle tests, they locate three children in far off lands.
- Wandering monks succeed in bringing these children to Gompa and train them in Vajrayna a secretive and exclusive doctrine.
- The compassion of Amitayus Buddha to liberate all sentient beings before taking Nirvana results into creation of faiths through these children , eventually followed by billions on our planet .
- A book you cannot miss to read .