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Shikha Patel was born on May, 17, 1985 at Gandhinagar (Gujarat)
Besides doing  Bachelor of Arts (English) and she did a specialized course in Fashion and Clothing Technology from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar (Gujarat).  She has interest in Painting, Modern Art and Designing Garments.
Her first book of Poetry is
IN THE VOID, recently published by Writers Club International
c/o Jagruti Pankaj Trivedi, 34-Jyotikalash Society, Near ISRO, Sunder Van, Satellite Road, Ahmedabad-380015 (Gujarat) India
Phone : 079-26924044, Mobile :  +9898175363, email :

Poems by Shikha Patel

You And Me!

Words cannot speak,
My feelings for thee.
Itís not love that I ask.
But a moment together, you and me!

Eyes cannot see,
The depth of my love.
Just give me your sight
For the flight of a dove.

Gestures cannot express,
For thou art blind
And the love I give you
You donít ever mind.

Ears cannot hear,
The music that hearts play.
For you just sit
Your lips do not say.

Dreams cannot show,
The intensity I feel.
But imagination takes me
To the world of folly and reel.

Mind cannot think,
Till I hear some noise.
Making me impatient,
To listen to your voice.

Heart cannot beat,
Waiting for you to peer
But if you donít,
I will die, I fear.
Without You. . .

The days have become long,
The things rights have become wrong,
My prose have become song,
Taking your charms along.

Away though we are from a long time,
Even the rattle sounds like hymn.
Like the words of song, together they rhyme
It is my love, and not a crime.

Without you, there is emptiness
But your feeling is in no way less,
Taking me out of a mess,
Opening doors, for further progress.

Life, without you, has no meaning
To fly to you, lend me your wing,
If not you, even not a king
Only to you, the songs I sing.


A Word of tenderness,
Is only what I ask.
Donít disappoint me
By wearing a mask.

I know you love me,
More than I do.
But are afraid of the world
And my reactions too.

Lend me your lips,
Give me your heart.
And just see what I do
With the bewitching art.

You Are The Cause. . .

Moon doesnít set
Starts donít twinkle,
Clouds wonít rain
What does the earth gain?

The air doesnít blow,
The night doesnít glow,
How am I to know?
You are a friend or a foe?

Sun doesnít shine
My heart isnít mine,
Grapes donít yield wine,
Without you, I am not fine.

Rivers donít flow,
Conches donít glow,
Birds donít fly,
Why? I donít know.

You are the cause,
For all my loss.

What I Wanted. . .

I asked for a sable,
And you brought me a table.
I inquired about the Babel,
And you told me a fable.

I wanted a needle,
You pushed me a fiddle,
I was solving the riddle
You broke-in, in the middle.

You thus make me feel worse,
And then come close & nurse.

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