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Dr Shaleen Singh

(Uttar Pradesh)


Dr Shaleen K Singh, Chief Editor
Personal Profile:
Date of Birth : : 28-07-1979, Father’s Name : : Dr. V.K. Singh(Reader & Head, Dept. of Eng.), Nationality : : Indian, Gender : : Male, Marital Status : : Unmarried, Language Known : : English, Hindi  Interest : Reading, Poetry &  Music  Academic Profile: M.A. (English) from M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly in 1st division.· LL.B. from M.J.P.Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, (U.P.) India.  Research Work: Awarded Ph.D. on the title ‘Panorama of  Mahashweta’s Indo-English Verse- A Critical Evaluation’ in M. J. P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.  Published Research Papers: · ‘Rosemary Wilkinson and Mahashweta Chaturvedi- Two Wheels of Divine Chariot’, Mandakini (Bareilly). Jan. 2005.; · ‘Efflux of Esoteric Philosophy in the Poetry of  D.C. Chambial’, Indian Book Chronicle. Dec. 2005. · Swami Nem Pal: As the Rose from the Garden of  Indo-English Verse, Bizz-Buzz, june-2006. · ‘The Poetry of Prof. Kazuyosi Ikeda’, Samvedna  Manglore INo. 35, Oct. 2006. · ‘The Poetry of V.S. Skanda Prasad’, Samvedna  Manglore,Oct. 2006. · ‘Baldev Mirza’s Vision of Man, Nature and Love-An Appraisal’, Helicon Views (Amroha). 2006. · ‘A Sojourn From Human to the Divine- the Poetry  of Aju Mukhopadhyay’ Poet., Ed. K. Srinivas, Dec. 2006. · Swami Nem Pal - A Study of His Poetry, Poetcrit  (H.P.) 2007. · ‘The Poetry of H. Tulsi Naidu’, Metverse Muse.  (Vishakhapattnam), Sept. 2006- Mar. 2007.  · ‘W. H. Auden As the Poet of Human Psyche’,  Remarkings., ed. Dr. Nibir K. Ghosh, (Agra) 2007 · ‘Swami Vivekanand’s Contribution to Indian Poetry  in English’, Indian Book Chronicle.(April) 2007 · ‘The Poetry of Justice S. Mohan’ Indian Book  Chronicle.(June) 2007 · Sri Aurobindo- As the Pioneer Indian English  Critic’ Dialogue. (Jan- Jul) 2007 · ‘Diaspora Literature- A Testimony of Realism’  Indian Book Chronicle.(Jan) 2008  Poems and Reviews Published: · In Skylark (Aligarh, U.P.), Indo-Asian Literature (New Delhi), The Green Lotus (Orissa),Replica(Cuttak),  Shine (Tamilnadu), The Golden Vase (Orissa), The Voice  of Kolkata (West Bengal), Poets International  (Karnataka),Contemporary Vibes (Chandigarh), Bridge-  in-Making (Kolkata) and others.  · Several Hindi Poems and Articles have appeared in  News Papers and Journals like the Shah Times, The Dainik  Prashashan Prakash, Vashney Samaj Darpan and others.   Lecture Broadcasted on All India Radio: On ‘Role of Akashwani in Public Awareness’ from  Prasar Bharti (Akashwani) Rampur.  Translation: · Translated poems of various global poets like Dr.  Kazuyosi Ikeda (Japan), Niki Stella (Greece), Jack Baum  (Canada), Peter F. Pike (Australia), Rosemary Wilkinson  (USA), Adolf P. Schkelov (Russia), G. Mend  Ooyo (Mongolia) and Philip Higson (U.K.) into Hindi.  · Translated the Poetry collection Mahendra Bhatnagar Ki Kavitayen under the title Lyric Lute.  Edited Works:
· Co-authored anthology of critical essays entitled Dr.  Mahendra Bhatnagar: His Mind and Art · Edited the book of Swami Nempal’s poetry entitled  Swami Nempal’s Creation & Other Poems. · Edited the Hindi Doha Collection Dohe Tabib Ke  · Presently Editing personalized website

Address : SHALEEN KUMAR SINGH, ‘Sai Neeharika’, Patiyali Sarai, Budaun – 243-601 (U.P.), India, Ph. No. 9291894200/ 05832-222972, E-Mail:-,


POEMS by Shaleen Singh


On the cracked lips
Peeping through the eyes
Thousands of stories and
Millions of thoughts
Running fast
Into all blind alley of life
On the utmost shore
We will meet again
And I’ll ask you,
How did you pass your journey?
I know what you’ll say
With fake smile on your lips and
I know too—
I have passed my conviction
With no ache or cry
You too!!
How can we get ashamed
Before each other?

The Eternity
Before life
After Life
Hidden here also
Will it burst
From noise
Have peace
And perceive
You will receive
The eternity of

Dr Shaleen



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