Dr. Snigdhatanu Banerjee



Dr. Snigdhatanu Banerjee  is a known scholar of Indian classical music and got published several articles. Participated in some national seminars. Author of One book.

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 Music has a great deal of influence over mankind. With the advancement of human civilization they realized the importance of Music. From the beginning of the Vedic age two parallel streams of Music have been flowing in human life. One is Folk Music by which man can easily relate with their day to day life. Another is a bit tough, Classical Music by name meant for the Class People. Both are taken as Tradition or Heritage of our country.
        India, our country, is enriched with many Religious Views. The fundamental views of all the religions are as same as the concept of the Veda. The followers of the Vedic Culture searched for the Truth through Self- Realization and Scientific Analysis. Their Philosophical Thoughts undoubtedly reflected on the Art and Culture of our country. Alike other branches of Education, different aspects of Music were also cultivated by them. At different ages many great Philosophers as well as Preachers appeared in order to shower the drops of Peace and Happiness in the human life. These great souls stood beside the poor and distressed people without discriminating caste and class of the society. The names of Jesus Christ, Gautam Buddha, Sri Chaitanyadeva, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi etc. are important for spreading the message of Fraternity and Philanthropy to the mankind. Some of the Philosophers delivered their messages through poems which have everlasting value and kept as ‘Bhajan’ in the mind of the people.  
        Music plays a vital role to develop mental structure and enhance sensitivity. The expression of Music is rightly executed through the application of authentic texts and proper emotion. It makes a man aesthetically sound and the practice of Music among the young generation helps to reduce anger, violence and other unfair activities.

-- Snigdhatanu Banerjee (Dr.)