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Raamaa Chandramouli (born 08-07-1950) is a Profesasor in an Engg. College He has to his credit seven books of poetry, 17 Novels, 2 books of short-stories besides scripts & songs for 5 Telugu Films. His notable books are (i) Deepashikha (Poems), (ii) Shilalu Vikashisthunnai (poems), (iii) Smrutidhaara (poems) (iv) Yetu.... (poems).  He got Andhra Pradesh Sahitya Academi Award in 1984.  he was Chief Guest to inaugurate 11th India Poetry Festival held in Bangalore on Dec. 9, 2006.
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  The Question
a poem
Raamaa Chandramouli

Walking again and again on the grass
His feet become tools
In the laying of the path.
Her hands become tools in
Keeping the house, weeding the crops
and planting the saplings.
The work itself being life
An avocation, an addiction,
Every moment, every thought
Every activity is a tool to the man.
The nature of the tool is to
Surge ahead in a defined path
Sharpening itself in defining the destiny
By sporting both the hands.

The life of the tool in its sharpness
When the tools are the roots of
The matter that became the goods
The goods that became business
The business that became strife,
When the eagle knocks away
The cake from the hands of a kid
When the work is alienated leaving
The tools and the servants
The hungry bellies and the orphans
The tools metamorphose invariably
Into a weapon
Butchering the unwanted
Like an axe.
What are the statutes that proscribe
What are the statutes that question
The man who
Sports the weapon as a tool?
(Translated by Dr.K.Purushotham)