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Puttu Parashuram Kulkarni (born 08-03-1955) is Director, Poorna Tally Academy. He writes Poetry, Drama & Literary Criticism. He has to his credit 05 books of Poetry, One book of Drama and one book of literary criticism.  His notable books are: (i) Prajna Paata (Kannada), (ii) Bhavayaana (Kannada), (iii) Soundarya Lahari (Kannada) (iv) Shivananda Lahari (Kannada) & (v) Jagatikanavadada Paryaglu (Kannada). he was honoured with Ranebennur Pourasammana Award 1993.

Contact : Paatimane, Melinakeri-HEGDE - 581 330 (Karnataka)
Phone :
 94487-74920, email

Before  the Sun-rise
Before the shining the dooms
A bell  of the Death is ringing
In the temple  of the life
Before melting  the ice-
Smiling with liquidity
To give a warmth   and cool
affection  to the Earth
evaporated  by the heat
before controlling the confusions
and breeding the dead-silence
before listening  the rhyme
from the wind
A darkness is scattered
With the guidance of  grave yard
Before mixing the rays
With the Water and the Earth
Before glooming the flower by green
An earth-crack swallows the roots
Before spreading the wings
in the blue and blue sky
to become one with thy
a demon’s scissor is showing
his tricks  with hat tricks.
This is our system-
Without raising our head
and raising the voice
 even in the tempo-time
slept like folded dog ,
tail in it’s back
for a piece of bread or a snack
These are our words-
Snoring of a rat in the cage 
placed in the valley
sunken in the muddy tank
“leaking thoughts like
sperm on out side”
head is haunted ;tail is broken
This is our heart-
Ready to burn like a charcoal
our blood shaped like petrol
to warm them in every-morn
jumping sparks are
the pieces of our heart,
 melted in the  heat
This is our intuition-
Trying to present every thing
in the shape of allegorical ring
to sail with the day-dream boat
every steps for the leaders
so we are always  ladders

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