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a poem by
Prem Tenzin Negi

Lord Budha, who exists in all the best things
I dedicate all my prayers
For the well being of the all assembled
And even for the generations to come
And wish them happiness and prosperity
Just like the brightness of Moon and Sun.
They may take the great flight of life
As smooth as that of eagle
Scintillating like the flash of Gillett
And warm like the pat of Sun.
See the cheerfulness, loveliness
And the prosperity of the Sun
Which expunge the darkness from the world
From this garden of multi-coloured blossom
Dedicate three flowers to the celestial pot
And three for the pot of the soul educator.
Donít go for the pitcher but the liquor inside
And relish it, taste it, like an elixir
And you need not look for anything else
Donít go for the shapes
and curves of a damsel
And see the beauty inside
And if you find the beauty inside
You need not look for anything else.
Donít see the peaks of the mountains
And the glow of the horizon
Or the lowly dust
The king of the birds lives among rocks
And rocks the world far and wide.
Note: Tashi means a lesson in Kinnauri language of Himachal Pardesh.


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