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Preetidhara Samal

Ms. Preeti Dhara Samal (b. 27-06-1973) is Principal, Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Centre, Koraput (Orissa). She writes poems and short-stories (in Oriya)  most of which are published in various journals and magaines. She has to her credit one book of poetry (Diary) The writings are based on human relations, tribal life and culture, heritage and spirituality.
Her poems celebrate feminine experiences and have a distinct structural brocade that too is feminine. She writes consistently.
Awards : Katha Naba Pratibha Award for short story (1996), Kadambini Award for short-story (2003), Satta Samman for Best story writer (1987-88). She is also engaged in research work on Tribal Life and culture

Address : Debasrit, Pujariput Road, Koraput-764 020 (Orissa)
Phone : 06852-250288, 250650, Mobile: 94372-33414, Email:



by  Preetidhara Samal

For you
I suffered living death
as I inhaled each breath of my existence;
For you
I begged of Time
a six-inch-length of life;
as I go missing,
like an unwanted mist-wrapped morning,
I suffer
the misery of getting drained out
in my craving for a little tender sunshine.
For an uncertain salvation
lurking somewhere,
what is the point
of courting a voluntary exile?
Just because someone
promised in a future moment,
the Eternal Vision,
should the dream-packed eyes
be exterminated at this instant?
the devastated earth following a storm;
the mango flowers
smoldering in the fog;
the ache from a secret wound
in a secret part of the body;
the lengthening shadow
of the evening Ė
My sustenance thrives in sorrow.
Here, letsí annul
the agreement that signs our relationship,
letís create
our world away from conditionality.

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