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Perugu Ramakrishna (born 27.05.1960) writes poetry and fiction. He has to his credit 4 books of poetry and 2 books of short-stories (edited). His famous book is FLEMINGO (a long poems in English). He is recipient of UWA Outstanding Intellectual of 21st Century Award, Chennai, Ranjani-Kundurthi National Award, Hyderabad & Millenium X-Ray National Award, Vijayawada. His literary style is "Modern Free Verse" writing. Eminent Telugu poets comments that it contains innovative expression with new and contemporary subjects. He was invited by Kendra Sahitya Akademi for young writers meet 'New Voices', held at Trivandrum (Kerala), during 2004 as a poet.
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  Death is not a catastrophe
a poem by
Perugu Rama Krishna

No need to say now
How many times I died in the past
Or to figure it out compulsorily
On one occasion or the other
When every day’s death is inevitable
And a new breathing of life
Death is a process of compulsion
Awakening from slumber
on the third day of death
Is nothing but an age-old life
stimulating expedition.
When a faith terminates
In the dual of inhalation and exhalation
Never ending circle of struggle
Man exists with death.
When the hopes of aspirations of a life
Enter in to the distress as personifying it
The death Hoists the flag in man,
Stumbling on its way,
Life is nothing but a wisp of deaths
Every disaster is nothing but a death
Loosing affection, leaving kinship and
Concluding precious friendships
All these are the footsteps of death
And living with death.
Introduction of time in history,
is nothing but the secret Of death in a war
One deceased citadel, a lifeless art wreckage
Is a tiara of an ancient death.
Now no lively smiles are there
No orders and not even the dominating egos
Even the divine power
adored and worshipped
in those mosques and temples perished
only legacy survived
Waiting for some one or
Expecting some thing also is a kind of death.
If a man forgets himself- he is a corpse.
Have we not seen many
a living corpses every day?
Breathing is not a definition of life.
Death is not a catastrophe
Tell them who think that
TaJ is alive
That love died there centuries back.
(Translated by -Swatee Sripada)