Parnashree Kundu


Ms. Parnashree Kundu was born on 24 th March in 1986 in Kharagpur. She got her Primary Education in Arryabidyapith and Secondary Education in  Nimpura Arryabidyapith in Kharagpur & Higher Secondary in Atulmoni Higher Secondary School. She got higher education from Vidyasagar University B.A. And M.A. in English
Achievement:  Winner of Essay Competition on Vivekananda and his theme of life under the Kharagpur Local Press Club and eight books are composed.
Occupation: Part Time Teacher
Address: Utpakhar, P.o.Nimpura, Malancha, Kharagpur, West Midnapore, West Bengal.
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Poems by Parnashree Kundu

  Lovely Sea

O, my,darling lovely and impressive sea,
vast bosom you have and lighted beach
when sun beams with vast radiation like to reach.
Bubbles love to dance with wavelet spirits of sea.
In haily impression and rainy mission
wave gets white and sprightal motion
which are taste for impression ,
taste for attraction.
Salty is water taste
for whole livings not only for the rest.
Demonic is its roars
but peaceful its shores.
Mind becomes fresh, heart gets relaxation.
Standing on shore senses go for everlasting attraction.
Impression and impression,
till to last ,nowhere is in depression.
The jumping snails
creating dancing mood
carrying spontaneity like early childhood.
move with water and them some of them swallow death and pale.
Whale swim making a curve.
Her eyes are shrill and sharp.
Jellyfish declares her morning victory.
Little fishes have written a bright morning story.
Leafy green small trees yearns to give shelter
for cod who breathes himself charming worker.
For her babies she is ,does not talk to other .
Pearl,the glorious white ,coral ,the burning bright.
never would like to fight.
All livings with their day's mission
have paved a lovely union.
  Waiting For Father

Smile little tree,smile little buds ,smile with glee.
Our fathering is coming with assurance of fun and free.
Father, today, has wrapped himself wearing white
when sun falls him he looks like brighter than bright.
Carrying water in this noon.
He coolens the pain of hot noon.
Noon of deserted land ,
don't sing mournful chant
as father is coming to spread her lofty hand.
Little corns ,little born ,
don't feel alone.
Father will take you in his love thorn.
With the love of pouring water,
exploitation of grass cutter,
Little green life will become better.
Father come soon
carrying his love tune.

Carrying bucket with colour brown,
wearing the cross crown ,
not wearing golden and silver crown
Father is coming from town.
Township can't detach him from the love for green
can't make him to stand being leaned.

His love crown
Only glistens the not the brown.
Little tree, little buds ,little flowers
will get greenly power
which will wipe out the agony of shower and bower.

"We are happy and happy."
said, a little journeyer black berry.
Burden of hot will be loosened from the heart of his baby.
And then little berry see ,
with a cup of tea
Father says,"I am only for thee."
coming under the shade of berry
assuring blossoms of cherry

Father greeted," Good morning!"
All natural livings now, are free from mourning.
Without rain
He can be able to destroy our pain.
  Breezes' Assurance

First, fluttering and dancing ,then tossing and shaking,
A host of leaves have been opposed in stranggling,
Frightening leaves say "Tis a storm or breeze'
Perhaps it tries to cease,
Perhaps , all world is gong to decrease,
Without any conjugation of disease,"

" Never Breeze ! Never Breeze!
We don't want to be ceased.
Oh! mellow fruitfulness Mother if you seize us,
Your world will be turned into nothing but fuss."

Breeze came showed his blame
"I am not known with your name
For me you are all sme .'
Today I have come with springs' power,
Its' elaborately sweet, not the taste of sour.
Tiny pritty oh! my dear darling,
I now ,will smash your stranggling."

" I have stood in the breath of spring
You forget your long spring' sting.
As I now bring for you ,
A link for a new.
Activates for too few,
A little water
Brings for the taste of butter,"
A little rain ,
Drives. dusty , rusty pain,"
"Little rain from me , is now , your introduction,
Only your satisfaction"

Breeze assurance is the latest,
As because Breeze can clings his assurane on his chest.
We are the human being ,why don.t go this Breezes' bright taste"


In dense juice of life ,oh! brave lady !oh! wife!
From age to age to age , from years to years thou have sung tune of survive.
Oh !brave lady!kindhearted lady !my earthly birth ,
Becomes flowery rays ,full of cherished mirth.
Oh ! thou my mother !how thou a solace heart,
The victory over the jaws of dark thou sparkle for me call of bird.
Penetrating all the pain of the oh! my darling mother oh! my dearest!
Working hard! working hard ! never likes to rest .
The sunny glitter , moonlit bliss say ,"thou "all the best.
My all treasures of sensation from my earthly birth ,
Touches the home of mature working of walking on the path,
Without thou !My two organs of walking now heels in the less of help on this earth.

Oh! thou generous thoughts maker ,lofty taker,
With thou fingers mine step of legs ,not is afraid of miserable jerker.
Standing on peak of misers oh! my dearest Mom!
Thou have broken down the storm of pains" tomb.
Oh! brave lady ! thou have hidden thy painful tears.
When the pale hectric diseases swallow mine lively cheer,
Beneath the shade of her loving cloth where fear! where tear!
Noble dignity rediates thy eyne black lids ,
In where my breathing is bloomed with the mine love leads
Beats of heart in every moment .and every time ,
Sow the seeds of passionate respects thy sense of sublime,
So thy assurancees of safty seems the joy of prime.
Variegated, dapple ,double colours of thine lesson,
When the speechless mouth wanted to touch the gleams of utterance.

Sunny morning , cool evening and starry night !
Oh! mother of mine all seem to shine the life-light .
When mine eyne lids are shut up for black,
When the entire bodily stamina is sucked.
Oh! mine lord of language with the shade courage ,
Taking sweet tone of smiles ,thou come oh , mine sage!
Spreader of happy -smiles welcome on my stage.
Blesses of silence , passion , joy and peace of page.
Thy love circulation chills mine tensed page..
But eyes water blows with the glow , very free flow,
On the budding moods of rebukes 'blow
But also how it stores spirits of avoiding guilt's' glow.

Only pleasures of two golden rings in ear,
Neither far ,nor distance is her plain admire.
Adorn of plain color or frecle piece of saree,
Not grown in the the lively sorries wearies,
Thou eyne are always fixed thy mission as if being heavenly glories.
Endless deep is thou love!
Nourishment of themes of life walking remains above
Rise of live finds its edge its corner Moms' love.
Falls of live nods its head before the Moms' inspiration,
Free heart free mind, free from tension.
Seems to be her legal suggestion.
What a great worship !
from which mine eyen always peep,
From day to day to thou have sung of supports.
Sunny morning , wintry evening ,flowery love give luster for her effort.