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P. L. Sreedharan  (born 21-05-1959) is working as selection grade Asst.  at  Calicut University. He has to his credit 4 books of poetry, 2 books of fiction, 3 books of drama and 5 on other subjects. His notable books are: (i) Mayilammakku (ii) Neelam Kootiya Chodyan (iii) Karuthajettu (iv) Mazhavi Ilimedu & (v) Kuttukkalam. He got international award for literature in 2007.

Contact : Parokode, Aksharam, Tenhipalam, P. O. Malappuram (Dt.) Kerala-673636
Phone : 0494-2401299, 94476-26194, email

Poems by P. L. Sreedharan


Getting the rotten words beat and bite,
Truth goes alone!
Seeing stainless deeds lying on the
Humanity hides face.
Sacred love,
peeps through the button hole
turns pale by the
man-made oceans!
Hearing the harsh,
Breasts rush to the roads but
recedes as
buds seen chewed and charred.

When fence is found guilty of
destroying crops
Monsoon shrinks and retrieves.
Passion sinks in the depth of fashion;

Half mad and half nude flowers
exhibitted on the
Rickshaw stands, nipple cut
in the corridors of silence.
As laments of lap echo on the blank cheques
the heat waves turn the leaves.
fugitive clouds look for the Money Orders' arrival, at the
barred windows,
heaving deep sighs,
I, too, am in search of my eyes!

What a thirsty thought that
We require air for all,
water for all,
ware for all,
ways for all and
We require food and foot for all..

What a bounteous thought that
We recieve letter to write,
inlet to read,
board to rub
hands to lend and

We receive words too to get and forget..

What a similar thought that
We all do laugh,
do weep,
do resent and
Though do not remain here always:

What a united thought that
We say the same,
Think the same,
Do the same, and
Have the same,
And, We, are One too
Under the same Roof of the World.

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