Manjit Indira (b. Februay 24, 1950) is one the finest Punjabi poetess.  She has number of poetry books to her credit.
was her first book published in 1974.  She came into lime light with her second book Kala Bagh (1985).
  Tarian Da Chhaj
(1994) was widely read and highly appreciated. 

  She has been honored by several literary organizations.  After serving as Lecturer in Punjabi in various Government Colleges of Punjab,
  she  is presently working as Assistant Director in the Directorate of   Higher Education, Punjab at Chandigarh.
  Lives at # 3934 Sector 22-D, Chandigarh-160022 (India).
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The Tribune, Chandigarh  on her latest book  "Tu Aawaz Maari Hai"

Tracing bond outside marriages
by Aditi Tandon

Dr Manjit Indra allows herself a free hand as she dissects relationships outside of marriages in her new book “Tu Aawaz Maari Hai”. Dispassionately though, she raises quite a storm by exposing the inherent flaws in bonds that almost always enrich men, but never really nourish women. Tracing the psyche of her tormented Protagonist, the author builds up a universal case against the “malady of extra marital relationships.”

Critical of the departure from social norms as typified by such relationships, Dr Indra says, “The woman in such a relationship must always essentially suffer because she is surviving on borrowed emotions. She feeds the bond with her heart and soul, and draws nothing out of it expect a momentary reassurance about the existence of love.

She lives in the hope that love would last for an eternity one day. But that never happens, because the man is focusing only on the physical, never on the emotional element of the bond.” Dr Indra, whose last work “Tareyaan de chhaj” received rave reviews, ensures that her protagonist eventually surfaces from the trauma.

Structured as a diatribe against extra-marital bonds which Indra treats as “morally and socially reprehensible”, the book recognizes no confines. It is styled neither as prose nor as poem. The writer sustains the flow of thought by keeping her work largely poetic. Illustrations of thought and of conflict in gender equations by celebrated artist Shiv Singh add a splash of his creativity to the work of literature.

A monologue, the work deals with almost all aspects of life as it runs through the prism of extra-marital bonds. “It’s a vague prism which refracts no light, inspires no colours. As a litterateur I admit with responsibility that I detest relationships outside marriages because they spell doom for the woman. But I refuse to see my woman wilting. Instead, she strikes back with a vengeance and abandons the relationship at a critical juncture, knowing well that she has few roads to take. When she conquers the fear of loss, she regains her identity. That’s her treasure and her redemption too.”

Much of a diversion from Ajit Caur’s “Faaltu Aurat”, “Tu Aawaz Maari Hai” is a crisp, bold account of “imbalanced relationships”, as the writer sums them. She however insists that her book is a tribute to womanhood. Unfettered and scathing, it rips off the relationship to locate the source of stench it causes. “Through a blend of poetry and prose I arrive at a conclusion in which I see extra-marital relationships from a wary eye, and consign them to a place they rightfully belong — nothingness,” says the writer who has retained the rhythmic flavour in her work. Her idea is to guide youngsters, who have taken rhythm out of verse.

The book has been published without a preface, which was to be written by Balwant Gargi, Dr Indra’s mentor, in many ways. TNS

Courtesy : The Tribune, Chandigarh.