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Manisha Gupta

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Manisha Gupta is a multifaceted personality. She combines an education in Science, Maths & Computers coupled with a passion for writing, painting and the traditional arts & crafts. She is an M.Sc (Maths) (University Topper) with PG qualifications in Computer Aplications & software and extensive research and study in the area of Intellectual Property Rights. She is a Writer, Painter, Trainer & Consultant. Has a number of articles published in leading national dailies like “Financial Express”, “The Hindu”, “Business Standard”, “Central Chronicle”, Hindustan Times”, “Times of India” (Wellness Times), “Metro Now” etc. and reputed magazines like ‘Down To Earth”, “Human Scape”, “Femina”, “SME World” etc. apart from this she has several papers accepted for presentation at international conferences abroad. She has had painting exhibitions displaying her “oils & acrylics on canvas” works . She has trained a vast range of people from all over India and as a speaker has been invited to address various audiences in different parts of the country. She presented a paper as an invited speaker at an international conference in Bangkok, Thailand in 2005. Moderated the panel “Aspiring Entrepreneurship” at the inaugural “Women In Leadership Forum–India-2010”. She is involved with protecting the rich cultural heritage of the country and has carried out consulting assignments related to traditional arts & crafts for a UN agency.
            She holds a Junior Diploma in “Bharat Natyam” and has been writing Hindi & English poetry right since childhood. Her interviews have been taken by “The Times of India” (published in the Bangalore city edition, 2004), a News channel (2007) and a magazine (2010). She is also an advisor on the editorial board of a magazine.

             She has lived in Japan and learnt the Japanese language art & culture during her stay. She also held an Innovative paintings exhibition "Japan-India Friendship Through Art" in New Delhi. This was a Japanese Embassy endorsed event and part of the "Jpapan-India Friendship year-2007" celebrations
Ms Manisha Gupta’s Debut Screenplay has won a “Special Mention” Award in the 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2016.


Poems by Manisha Gupta

Those Words Unsaid….  

Every expression has value
Every expression of love has lovely value. 

                        That smile on the lips
                        Works wonders if it slips 

That twinkle in the eye
Brightens up the sky 

                        That slight little touch
                        Says more than much 

That care
That tease
That fun
That ease
That single little word
May the world freeze. 

                        Every expression has value
                        Every expression of love has lovely value. 


                        Those words unsaid
                        Are immeasurable
                        And invaluable!!

The Old & The Dutiful

Times have changed
Values have changed 

                        Brains have trained
                        Morals have drained 

Systems have changed
Societies have changed 

                        Instead of the simple, the calm and the peaceful
                        We have the “hep”, the enlightened and the colourful 

Yet in this era of the bold and the beautiful
We still do find some of the old and the dutiful.


“Fall” in Spring…..?

Here comes Spring

With a spring in step

And a bounce in feel

But hold that heel

And the bounce of the dress.


                        Spring may turn into “Fall”

With the slip in the hall

                        And the trip of the heel

                        And the slide of the dress.


As you go slip slide and trip

Shutterbugs go click click & click.

                        Let Spring remain spring

                        Colourful and bounty

                        Clutch at its beauty

                        Don’t ever let it fall

                        For…  “Fall” will come much later.



(This poem is reaction to the wardrobe malfunction episode during the fashion week in Spring-2008 in India)