Muthyala Ramakrishna Rao



Muthyala Ramakrishna Rao was born on 31/07/1956.  Father Name: M.Kondal Rao, Mother Name: M.Saraswati Bai, Wife Name: M.Sulochana Sons: 1.M.Sri Varun , 2. M. Sri Haram
Retried : VRS in Great municipal corporation of Hyderabad (Telangana)

Author : 1. Sri Rama Ramayanam (in Telugu language, 4 volumes).  2.Grace of Sri Rama (Sri Ramabdhi Shuktimani research book  (in English language- 2 volumes)


Having been born in the Bharathadesa (India), a land of Karma, I am blessed with a chance by God to be redeemed from my past and present actions. I will adopt Indian culture and traditions and put into practice the virtues advocated by Srimadramayanam at least to some extent . In this context it is necessary that trust dedicated to the service of Sri Rama should be established . so I deem it as boon to serve people through Sri Rama Trust . Foreigners in their books hailed the greatness of Indian culture . Therefore, having been born in such a culture. I feel it my bounden duty to serve my fellow human beings by showing them the noble path shown by Sri Rama Ramayanam and I take a solemn pledge at the feet of Sri Rama in this regard.