(Andhra Pradesh)

Dr. (Mr.) Lanka Siva Rama Prasad  (born 19.12.1956) is a Cardiac Surgeon. He writes poems, fiction in Telugu & English.  He has to his credit 5 books of poetry, three books of Fiction, two books of Travelogue, one book on Numerology, one book of cartoons and dream analysis. His outstanding books are Shades (poems in english), In search of Truth (fiction in english), Genome (scientific fiction).

As a founder of Writers' Corner at Warangal, his best contribution is bringing together poets and writers with varied perspectives and publishing anthology of yearly Telugu poetry (Kavitha Varshika). Having knowledge in Anthropology, Psychology, Medicine and occult sciences, he is trying to bridge past with present.  His qualifications in television production and computer animations and multimedia technology helped him in creating some works with stalwarts like Mario de Mirenda.

 Contact : 16-10-1294, Prasanthi Hospital, Siva Nagar, Warangal - 506002 (Andhra Pradesh)
Phone : +9949440726


Boy In A Bore-Hole
a poem by
Lanka Siva Rama Prasad

As usual, they forgot to cover the hole.
A hole, big enough to swallow a little soul.
A sign post was standing there, with a warning,
Who will read it to a toddler,
whose steps still faltering?
A fearful shreik pierced his mother’s womb,
Wailing violently she searched for him.
At the mouth of that wretched open tomb,
The child’s foot steps are yet, wet and grim.
Oh! my poor child!
The mother cried in anguish
A faint response echoed
from that burrow’s deep
My little Cherub! My little cherub!
Don’t weep!
In agony parents and siblings
expounded their wish.
Oxygen tubes and pen-torches,
lowered for his comfort.
A Trench hole, dug parallel, on war foot
But, how long a bundled lung bear
that situation?
Cruel fate choking a child in crude fixation!
Sheer negligence and apathy
steering this nation’s stern
Mother nature daily mourning
for her missed children.
How many holes did this man
dig into the earth?
Devoid of foresight,
his scientific plumage is not any worth.