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(Andhra Pradesh)

Mr. K.N. Palamaner Balaji (born 19.01.1974) is a Senior Asstt. in Panchayat Raj Dept. Andhra Pradesh.
He has to his credit one book of poetry (Matalleni Vela in Telugu).
Contact : 6-219, Gudiyattam Road, Palamaner-517408, Chittoor D.T. (Andhra Pradesh)
Phone : +94409-95010, Fax: 085579-25777



Near or Far
a poem by
K. N. Balaji

What would happen,
To a land without roads?
No movement, destination.
No fatigue, no rest.
If there are no journeys
What remains?
Things are as are where are.
Step forward and look-
Road without rest
Carries you forward.
Those moving have to get tired
But the carrier road
Never has a rest or let up.
Road always
Keeps joining with zest those who move
Would make the far near.
Those intoxicated, mindless of speed
Make roads sites of death.
Only then
Keep us far, far apart
Banning forever our meeting

(English rendering: V. V. B. Rama Rao)


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