(Andhra Pradesh)

Mrs Jwalitha Kumari Denachanala is a school. She has to her credit one book of Poetry and 2 books of prose.
She is now working on bringing out a Poetry anthology on "Feminist Issues".
She is also doing Ph.D on poetry of a popular Telugu poet at Kakatiya University, Warangal (Andhra Pradesh)
Contact : Government High School, Ramavaram, Kohagudem, Khammam-507118 (Andhra Pradesh).
Phone : 9989198943, e-mail : vijayakumari_denchanala@yahoo.com


Who will bring the mead ?
A poem by
Jwalitha V. K. Denchanala (Andhra)

Boxes chatter
Humans forgot to speak to one another
Eyes glued to those informal boxes
Ears respond only
to the machinery magic chants.
At eleven A.M. the sun god gets up sulking.
This world runs around the world.
I am a mere, mute spectator.
When failed to get answer
about some omega’s florescence.
The child looks down her mother
as an ignoramus.
Like flies, people are busy,
hitting the Internet web strings.
Bird songs and chirpings,
one can only hear as ring tones.
Where can those poor birds exist.
In this treeless concrete human desert?
Killing is the most easy
and ready made solution,
Who ears for the painful process
of infusing love and affection?
In villages, formers die like crows
hit by electric live wires.
Alas! Why they commit suicide?
bank-loans dethroned
their deep sentiments.
Twelve year old boy
masters condom knowledge.
The propaganda about AIDS
propelled the thesis
Parents are friends till they oblige
their kids demands.
Otherwise they become
the enemies of new generation in Email chats.
Selfishness shuts the doors of responsibilities,
Opens the vistas to unsolicited freedom.
The inability in controlling
this poisonous forest fires.
The callousness in checking
these spreading fumes
If we get choked at this juncture
Who will bring the mead?
The lift preserver,
the sanjeevani medical aid?

(Translated by Dr.Lanka Shivarama Prasad.)