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Juhi Sharma (born 08 June 1985) is an upcoming poetess. Still in her college studies she is already a published writer. Her first book of poetry "Spreading Desires" published by Writers Club International was released on 29 September 2007 on the occasion of 3rd International Writers Festival-India - Agra.

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Poems by Juhi Sharma


Who challenged you?
Whom replying you?
Who underestimated you?
Passion while seeing flowers?
You answer by thrilling shower.
Whose laugh do you answer?
Who questioned your power?
Who marked your being?
Definitely, heart is declining.
One arrogant sure.
Own decay lure.
How will he cure?
Must not be mature.
Admit existence yours.
Donít wanna cry by ignore.
Forgive your kid.
Will die instead.
One slap enough.
Now stop your cough.
You know whatís better.
You grow us ,you shatter.


Develop bond together.
Let be odd.
Rare impracticable mix.
Like two magnets.
Two opposite poles.
Hurting sore separation.
Become pleasant blessing.
Thou violin dear.
Mine thine stick.
Let mellow memoirs.
Cause others delight.
Copious land thou.
Me sprout roots.
Stay mine life.
Supply rations society.
Legendary lock sweetie.
Disengage picky type.
Auspiciously thine key.
Mystery all community.
Thou ready fruit.
Mine thy sugariness.
Juicy blend composed.
Satisfy thirst dry.


Meaning, evidence of sacrifice
and compromise.
Old prostitute wise.
How did she be deaf to dreams?
How did she allow taking cream?
How did she tackle extreme?
How did she be part of that team?
Whom did she abuse creator or designer?
How did she forget anger?
Like milk boils and surrender cream.
She cried and hugged which beam?
How did she consider herself only source?
Where was his prince on horse?
Why could not anybody be noble for her?
How did she be candle and opt fire?
Suck and garbage declare.
No chair only cold stare.
One dirty touch.
Goat lion fetch.
How did she be neutral?
How did she be stall?


Such a ridiculous throw.
Who loved us like bro.
There love was like snow.
Now we are not even mere crow.
I blame idiotic grow.
Such progress does not deserve bow.
We were songs topic.
Once they considered us prolific.
Changed behavior names comic.
Though contains tonic.
Little bit harmful many antibiotics.
Toxic or non toxic.
Sweet or sweet adjective.
Spoke seemed subjective.
Secretly questioned too much.
Replace Airtel, bsnl, hutch..
Modern communication.
We nobodyís intention.
Polluting brain and air.
Satisfied happy say fair.
Goes and waits stare.
My duty to aware.
I love still.
Then what! if they demand exile.
One questioned,Ē Why are you rareĒ?
I said, your pity, your excess care.
Satellite, receiver, sender.
Ruining productivity butcher slaughter.
Donít be so advance.
Deaf and dumb environment enhance.


Iron to remove clothes wrinkles.
How to remove internal obstacles?
How to tackle?
Do any miracle.
Itís spring.
Fresh flowers bring.
What about my beginning?
Still digging.
Refresh my soul.
Is it foul?
How do I stale soul contain?
How long will it remain?
Do something new.
Give some clue.
Prove you magician.
Fresh shower, fresh rain.
No pills remove pain.
Make it gain.
Wash this pain.
This rubbish is in vain.
Send a clown.
Could make green to brown.
Could prosper my town.
Could spark my gown.
Could stars shone.
Could make my mind my own.
Could obey my tone.
Could behave like grown.
A naughty joker.
Smile spreading, stable worker.


Donít celebrate our births.
Keep continue project of our deaths.
Donít celebrate lohri for us.
Donít pray to your God for us.
Donít share your property with us.
Donít involve us in your politics.
Out us completely.
Remove us completely.
Do production.
Without female population.
You say nothing is impossible.
You are muscular, able.
If you donít need us.
We donít need you.
If my parents are my killer.
Then why should I bother?
All of you.
Keep it continue.


Letís move to
A better world.
A world without
Meaningless hatred.
A world full
Of emotions.
Every sense is
Respected where.
A world without
Sea of tears.
A world without
Thundering storms.
A world of
Jumping merrily always.
A world beyond
Fake bondages.
One cozy, easy
Touch of dad dear.
Vanishes all my fear.
Make this world with best


Juhi and me character.
Donít know each other.
Both are unusual.
Gratitude root as pal.
Fragrance not expand familiar.
But they donít care.
Oneís existence flower.
Beyond mention power.
like quality life.
puzzles fork and knife.
Participle natural micro.
Travel optimistically macro.
Love their farmer.
Shapes cutter trimmer.
Beautiful vase, exact shelf.
Calm cow, aggressive calf.
Cloud arranges shower.
Communicate moving flower and cloud roar.
Road kin and grass whoís gold! Whoís brass!
Bud does not reveal grown flower.
Never know what makes, what mar.
Accident gives scar.
Do you stop driving car?
Stars will be there.
My shine canít tear.
Utilize elevator cheers.
Bold also contains tears.
Part of surface.
Can face my face.



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