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Jitendra Deo Dhaka (born 19 April 1982) is a poet & literary critic.

Address :  Mohalla Naykan, Behind Court, Sikar (Rajasthan)
Phone :
01572-241931 Mobile: 94138-57958  Email :

Jitendra Deo Dhaka (Rajasthan)

Tennis Love

When he was of 14
fond of tennis.
With a parental rival
at the tennis court
used to try
to defeat the rival.
But his score
Was always Love;
Because he was
In love.
His father angrily cried—-
You are nOthing.
Try to
Next day.
The same score.
The same Love.
His father cried —-
You are nOthing.
Try to
Next day.
The same score.
The same Love.
Now, at the age of 39
He feels
Father was wrong!
“I was concentrating.”
“I was integrating
on lOve.”
Love is zero
Love is nothingness.
Nothingness is thingness.
Thingness is nullus —nihil.
The nihil which I feel in celestial rain
that numbs my numbering brain
and I become Rien.

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