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On the saddening event in New Delhi in December 2012


The world says they must step out,
To freedom and to explore,
But I worry gravely something about,
That has shocked me to the core.

A shocking and shameful event of news,
That the end of the year drew,
Forced me to rethink my thoughts and views,
For the nation I loved, adored and knew.

An Indian daughter is strayed,
On the paths of the capital city,
Left with hundreds of injuries and naked,
Nobody to help only to stare and pity.

So worried are they for tigers and terror,
Affordable surgeries for ugly and obese,
Who shall fight and stand against rapists and starer,
And they direct me to the hopeless and shameless police.

Solutions that my leaders find,
I hardly accept and more over I curse.
On my choice of choosing them to lead as blind,
Only to witness it getting more worse

Let my rich nationís flowers sisters and daughters stay,
In the garden of care and happiness,
For I want them to bloom and glow tomorrow and today,
As I witness my great nationís irreparable and worsening progress