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Miss Gitanjali Das (born 02-12-1979) is a poet & post-graduate student of English literature.  She is an upcoming poetess from Assam writing both in English and Assamese. Her poetry is fine example of true art and thought.  It not only reveals the truth and the untruth but goes beyond it in search of real truth.

Contact : c/o Mrs. Pabitri Choudhury, Ganeshpara, Rajmohan Baro Path, Fatasil Ambari, Guwahati - 781  025 (Assam) Dist. Kamrup
Phone : +
0361-2477582, 98642-01218   Email


The Remembrances
by Gitanjalee Das

The memory I commit
Is completely mine
Let me feel it
Make understand every vein
The sweet taste of distress
Let it recognize the feeling of alienation
I am an extremely undistinguished person
The ashes of the red roses
are lying here and there
Now it becomes a luxury
To live amidst the sorrows.
In the depth of my existence
There lying some dilapidated utensils
Which are my sole resources
Suddenly you have opened your eyes
From the heap of remembrances
And mingle into my vein
With an exuberant vehemence
of a flowing river
Now my existence is stirred
With the sweet feelings
And the mind is flying over a sea of sorrow
In search of you


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