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(Himachal Pradesh)

Dr. Dharam Paul Kapoor  (born 04-03-1947) is Principal of a college of Education in Himachal Pradesh. He writes Poetry & Prose. He has to his credit 07 books of Poetry and 18 books of prose. His notable books are (i) Hiranayakosh (Hindi Poetry)  (ii) Stree (Hindi Media) (iii) Value Education (Hindi & Punjabi) (iv) Office Management (Hindi) & (v) Prampara (Fiction in Hindi)

Contact : 63/10, Bhuwan Vihar, Chobatta Street, Mandi Town, Distt. Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)-175001
Phone :
01905-224638, 94180-00307, email


a poem by
Dharam Pal Kapoor

In this era of globalization
Man has learnt the art
Of stealing the happiness
Out of the pockets of another man
And living majestically
On the sighs of the dieing souls.
On the name of tradition
He sells the packets of values
Serves wine and flesh
On the eve of marriage of his daughter
And even the occasions of death
Are also converted into nice feasts.
Today man has become bankrupt from inside
And whenever anyone enters
into this malicious circle
He looses his being
(Translated from Hindi by :Harish Thakur,)



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