Devasree Chakravarti (b. 20 March 1977) is a Member of Indian Association for English Studies and Member of English Language Teachers' Association of India. She teaches English at a college and is a creative poet and research scholar doing Ph. D on the novels of Salman Rushdie.
Contact : Ramkrishna Puram Ward-1, Gulli No. L-3, Vidya Nagar, Bilaspur-495004 (Chhatisgarh). <> Phone: 07752-235965

A poem by Devasree Chakravarti
Glancing down the deep waters,
My heart missed a beat.
So many untold mysteries lay down there,
down in the unknown depths.
So many centuries the river had seen fly by,
So many sorrowful moments lay hidden in the soul.
Yet the wisdom of its experience-
remains untold.
The follies done by man,
the exploitation that the river had endured,
the flowing waters of the river had seen it all.
It has witnessed our hypocrisy.
Our own beliefs being broken by us.
Where by we worship it with flowers the incense,
Prayers said in gratitude,
and all the while destroying its very soul.     

Devasree Chakravarti