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Dalpat Chauhan

Dalpat Chauhan (born 10 April 1940)  is poet, fiction writer, dramatist.  He has to his credit eight creative books.
Notable books : (i) To Pachhi  (ii) Kyanchhe Suraj (iii) Malak (iv) Gheed  (v) Padchihan
Notable Awards & Honours (i) Santokba Suvarna Chandrak  (ii)  Narshihmaheta Award  (iii) All India Radio Natya Lekhan Purskar
Address : 928/2 Sector 7-C, Gandhinagar-382 007 (Gujarat) India 
Phone : 079-23244505

Dalpat Chauhan

Donít search for me among shelves.
That was the connection of last birth.
Mother I know
Your longing for my bride,
Of buying bracelets Ö anklets Ö jackets.
Welcome songs, palm-impressions
Of kumkum on the door.
But oh !
Palm impression with my blood,
Carved on the altar-walls.
With smothered breaths
Stench of burning skin
Snapped was the umbilical cord.
Your henna-hedge withered away,
your precinct-path forlorn
Where will you look for footprints five?
Neither sun nor moon will light your skies.

Yes, where is the prop, its...
Your fading voice... and
Infernal darkness is my home...
Mother I am a cactus shrub
Emitting nothing but fumes as I burn.
Yet mother I need no irrigation
Tearing apart a stone I shall sprout...
Like the fine red veins in your eyes.
Mother I remember
Those are dear to God who die (though not I) I am a hawk:
I shall return.... ! At your threshhold,
To frolic in the courtyard.
Artistically daubed
by your wrinkled hands.
Last farewell I wanted to bid you.
But: slave of circumstances
I failed to do.
(Translated by Dr. Rupalee Burke, Dr. Darshana Trivedi)

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