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Chitra G.Lele


Chitra G.Lele is a software engineer holding a dual masters degree in Information Technology. She has several professional certifications in computer science. She has contributed articles and poems (inspirational, technical, spiritual and social in nature) regularly to reputed magazines, newspapers and literary journals. She is a member of reputed poetry societies. Her work has been recognized in coveted journals such as Poets international, Enchanting Verses, Kafla Intercontinental, Poets Federation (Canada), Literaryspot (UK) and many more. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies. 
Some of her recent Achievements :
-Her poems were appreciated at the National North-East zone competition conducted by the Poetry Society of India.
- Her Poem on world peace has been featured on Mr. Stefan Gill’s Gazette (Canada)
-She has received the Editor's Choice Award from the international journal of Enchanting verses.
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Two Poems by Chitra G. Lele



Reaching deep within the self
revamps the inner sphere
and opens up the ethereal realm
to strengthen the moral frontier.

Self knowledge creates spiritual wealth,
accentuates the positive
and builds mental health
to slash all that is negative.

Beneath the finite mortal frame
lies a veneer of infinite purpose
that unifies us with the Higher Name;
that's how our goodness we compose.

Being receptive to the light of God
will clear the mind of incessant clutter,
bliss will then reside in the inner abode
and will make life brighter, forever and ever.

Truthful living is the highest goal-
manipulative mode needs to be destroyed,
only then we will emerge as a pure soul
and the essence of life will be restored.

Copyright ©®2008, Chitra G. Lele. All rights reserved


As the inner oyster’s work begins,
inner pearls will be formed;
the morsel of wisdom enters inner shell,
and the pearl farm flourishes in full swell.
These wonders instill the mental clutch;
Essence D'Orient of character, the pearly touch.

Mental mantle protects the mind
with nacre of emotional security,
orients with natural color,
shapes and polishes mentality;
improves grade of efficiency
and inculcates culture, so very fine.

Translucent luster shows the way
and cultivates a strong shell of morality.
Teardrop pearls wipe away tears,
faceted pearls crush down faux,
rainbow pearls remove imbalance;
rounded pearls instill progressive focus.

Crystalline sharpness of intellect
is the inner oyster’s greatest asset.
These pearls are a treasure precious and rare;
they fetch the most rated healing power “Wisdom”
Undoubtedly a symbol of purity and beauty,
a natural wonder, a magnificent metaphor.

Copyright ©®2008, Chitra G. Lele. All rights reserved


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