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Dr. Chhote Lal Khatri (born 11-12-1965) is a teacher, poet and literary critic. He has to his credit 2 books of poetry and 12 books of literary criticism. His notable books are (i) Vivekananda : Speeches & Writings : A critical Study, (ii) Indian Writings in English, (iii) Indian Novels in English, (iv) Ripples in the Lake. He is recipient of Michael Madhusudan Academy Award. 

Contact : "Madhepur House", Harnichok, Anisabad, Patna (Bihar)
Phone :
0612-3259901, 99344-15964, Email:


a poem by
Dr. C. L. Khatri

They are ripples
in the lake of my heart
lake dreaming in tranquility

Pebbles, stones, rocks
one after another
you threw in it.

That was a rainy day
A crane pecked a fish in it
And there was a ripple.

I couldn't hold ripples
They filled in my pages
Critics called them verse

Much water flowed since
it's dried up in the drought
Soil and sand churned out of the lake

I cannot hold them
They fill in my pages
Critics call them prose

It is drought summer
The sky is naked
But there is water in the bed.




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