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C. D. Singh was born on 9th July of 1949  in a village named Srirampur of Rohtas district of Bihar in India. He completed his education with science faculty. Onward,  appearing at the competitive examination he joined Department of telecommunication later on known as BSNL. He is bilingual novelist and story writer. His Hindi works ‘Mati ki gandh’ a story collection and ‘Triveni’ a novel based on social values have been published. A story collection titled ‘Reena sasural chali gayee’ is under publication. So many stories have bee published in renowned magazines.


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The Truth



by C. D. Singh


All around green grasses spread as a green colored embroided velvet sheet. Some where groves and bushes were being looked. It was breezing gently and the little but thin grasses were thrilling. Among the grasses and groves Chalani, a she goat was roaming with her three kids. The kids started to scroll following their mom. Meanwhile the kids jumped and dashed one another. During the play one was chased by another. After all they tended to keep their closeship to their mom. Whenever chalani called for the kids to know their situations, they assured her bleating.
One morning Chalani stopped all of sudden to look at a cub standing near by a grove. Perhaps, it had got out of the den when the lioness was on preying. It had got an opportunity to look at the different colored peculiar world by its tiny eyes. It was   feeling comfort in open air. It had stepped out of the den curiously. Most probably, it was perplexed of hunger. As it was easy to escape out of the den, it was hard some to get back.

As chalani looked at the cub, she was shrinked. But till the danger did not come in sight, she did not loose her patience. Being alert she was watchful to the surrounding for some minutes. No any problem was viewed. She had minded that the lioness might be at that place. She was afraid of the thinking. On ward she dared to reach near by the cub. Again standing there she noticed the risk, she had determined to be out of danger zone. She cheated the cub seeing it affectionately. The needy cub ran to her. She pretended to love it smelling and licking. She made her teat to keep near by the mouth of the cub. The hungry cub started to suck milk. As, it was mothered by the silly she goat. And the cub was conjured and realized its custodian. She turned back with her kids. The cub also followed them. She reached her house netting future plans. She began to bring up the cub under a threaten control. At home the kids asked the mother,-‘Mom, who is it’?

‘It is nothing but a Bhaiya’-Chalani cast out a hateful reply after thinking for a while.

‘Why does not it resemble to us,’-The eldest one doubted.

‘It is ill, weak and foolish. In no time, I shall mold it very similar to all of you’,-She assured them smiling. But the nature of a cub was well known to her. She shivered to realize a forth coming lion. She started to mother the cub as the planes were bashed on it. She tried her best to keep it alive. She made the kids to graze only and the cub to milk. By its nature, the cub began to grow up rapidly.

Chalani moved to the forest with the cub. The wild animals surprised to look at the cub roaming under control of a she goat. It was a matter of discussion among the wild animals. She wandered unhesitatingly; the violent animals did not dare to face her as she was the mother of a youth cub. After grazing, when she went to a stream to get water, she managed the cub to keep apart from water. She had chided the cub,-‘Stay here. You are weak and foolish. You will dive to deep water.’ The cub was to obey her for afraid of beating with her sharp and hard horns. It was threatened and demoralized. It had accepted itself as weak and foolish.

On ward, the cub grew more and more requiring to much be feeding. Chalani was not capable to feed the cub by her milk. It was deteriorated day by day. For that she was more anxious. At any cost, she was not to miss the precious one. She had roamed in the forest fearlessly and was honored by all the fierce wild animals.

One morning, she entered the inhabitants of the geese and hens. Looking at her, all the hens and geese got together fencing her. An old hen regarded,-‘Me Lord, for what, you are to come to ours poor village. May we serve you?’

‘Really, masters and servants are components to each other. Both can not keep their existence without each others. It is already known to all of you; my son is violent. Again and again it desires to be permitted to rush into your dwellings. But I have pity for you. So, I disallowed its’,-Chalani narrated proudly.

‘Of course mistress, you are so kind. We pray God for your long and prosperous life. You’re the only protector’,-all humbled together.
‘Listen to me. Since now, my arrogant son is being brought up by milking  me that has become insufficient for it. It is also well known to you that it is carnivorous. I wish, you should think for it, - she put the problem very innocently. She had wrapped them in her net cunningly. It was a Herculean task to accept or to refuse the proposal. There was a quite silence among them. They shocked deeply and looking at the ground. At last, Chalani hit up the silence-

‘It is seemed; all of you have dived to an anxiety. It does not need to be serious so much for a little task. I solve your problem. My son should not have a huge part of food butonly a hen and a goose every day for livelihood. If it requires much, it will be penalized. I would not like to be ruined your habitations. The woods are very useful.

‘As you like mamma’,-All accepted with tearful eyes.

‘Daily, I shall come here and only two of you will follow me. At my home, I will tell a very interesting tale of fairy to both.  Is it right? Yes, yes alright’,-She had made proposal and agreement herself too. She had managed the situation very tactfully. She left soon for her house. Having gone to the inhabitants of the geese and the hens; the cub might had its diet easily but she was afraid of the prey attitude of the cub. It might be fatal for her as well as the kids. So, she had a very vigilant stepping.

Chalani entered her house making a sudden swoop. She scolded the cub-

‘I am vexed too much being mother of a lethargic son like you. Even you are incapable to earn your food. You should get ashamed. My kids are worthier in all respect. They are not like a burden for me.

‘Mom, we are better to this foolish one. We graze ourselves easily,’- the kids uttered jumping.

‘You are excellent’,- she accepted. Then coming every day was scheduled. In the morning, Chalani moved to the inhabitants of hens and geese. She took out two of them. Both followed her smiling to have an interesting tale of fairy. The cub had a nice dish of cost nothing. As she had passed her day injoy. The horrible wild animals did not dare to disturb her. Whole day, she was wandering into the woods of no terror. She had never bleated but maintained a gravity keeping a mum.

Dishonesty is always a bad policy. One day, it becomes uncovered certainly by a little snap of wind. One morning, Chalani made a long tour with her kids and the cub. She entered a village situated beside the forest. The villagers left out the village looking at the she goat moving with a youth cub. She rushed to their houses and had a tasty food. She had never taken such cooked food. She ate as she could. Due to over diet, she was scarcely to move. As the day fell, she started to reach her house with the kids and the cub. She had got ill of indigestion. For stomach ache she mourned whole the night. Till the morning she laid lazy. In the morning, the kids felt hunger with restlessness. The eldest one demanded,-

‘Mom, I should have food. My belly is completely empty’.

‘I am not feeling well, so I can not move to the woods,’- she denied.

‘We are to move to the woods to have our foods. We shall turn back as the sun setting,’-cried all the three hungry kids.

‘Alright, you may do but do not step to a far distant’,-she advised.

‘Okay mom darling’, - admitted the kids.

‘Does this foolish fellow accompany us? - The eldest kid enquired. She could not reply but was perplexed. She was in a fix for the moment. The cub was not to be covered controlled by the kids. They had no cunning brains to govern it under conspiracy. Without the cub, they might be preyed of any fierce wild animal. She was dueled at that time. The kids were waiting for her directions. At last, affection conquered the meanness and the kids were allowed to be accompanied by the cub. She ordered the kids,-‘Carry this wicked one very carefully. It must not be allowed to do as it wills. Disobeying a little, you will stroke it bitterly jointly. It must not be carried by the lake. It should be watered far from the lake as I do. It is weak and coward. It may sink in the lake’.

‘Okay mom, we shall abide with the rule,’-The kids admitted.

‘Chalani threatened the cub,-‘O bastard one, listen to me. If you do not obey them, you will be hanged on returning the house. You must mind it’. All the three kids forwarded looking at the cub.   In no time, they entered the forest with the cub.

In the woods, all the four were librated. The kids started to jump and thrill. They were to entertain among them. All the moral advices of the mom were out of mind. The cub was also relaxed having no controlling. It moved to and fro keeping its head up. They had no intelligence to mark the change of activities of the cub. They enjoyed much in excursion whole day. As the day came to an end, the birds started too swift to their nests. The kids also moved to the lake to quench their thirst. The cub followed them but arrogantly. Reaching near by the lake, the eldest one ordered the cub,-‘Halt here. You are not to move near by the lake. You shall have water here as mom fed you’. It did not take care of the eldest one and stepped on and on. The kids were not capable to control it. Due to absence of their mom, they had lack of boldness. The cub was standing beside cool and calm water. It noticed the surface of water. The images of the trees standing on the bank were looked inverted over the surface. It peeped to water and was amazed to see its own face. Before that, it had never noticed itself. It noticed the faces of the three kids curiously. There was no similarity. That disimilarity created a great vigor in it. It started to roar loudly. All the creations began to tremble of loudness. A folk of thousand birds was roaming in the sky to listen thundering. The waves on the water surface were created. The kids were embarrassed. They had got under fastest palpitation. Scarcely, the eldest kid whispered,- ‘You have frightened us. Let you turn back to home. We shall report all the misdeeds made by you to mom. And certainly, you will be hanged on. The cub did not mind its threatening. It was grave and fearless. In no time, the kids turned back to the house keeping a mum. The cub also turned to the house but with a symbol of freedom.

Sitting at the door, Chalani was waiting for them anxiously. The cub was looked stepping towards her appearing a wrestler. Its muscles and paws were full of strength. It had got itself. All the veins of the body contained a dashing vigor. Conspiracy of Chalani was to be uncovered. It was looked like a god of death.

As the kids reached the house, the eldest one set a fire,-‘Mom, Bhaiya went behind the lake disobeying us. It had threaded us producing a thundering sound. To prevent this appearance, she had netting well but until at last, the reality had come out. After all, she exercised a huge afford to turn it into a lamb. She cried with burning eyes’,-O bastard silly, now, you will be hanged on for your mischief’. Facing Chalani, the cub roared as it could.  The surroundings started to tremble.. It said,-
‘I have come to know your meanness. I spare all of you as I have been milked by you. Saying so, the cub turned to the forest. The truth had appeared.






by C. D. Singh



It was a month of April. As the sun rose up, the hot waves were blowing. At the noon, the atmosphere was grave and heated. Even not a single leaf was moving. Due to extreme heat, a whirl-wind was formed and shaped a tower. It started to move containing uncountable pieces of dried leaves and rags. It shook the branches of trees violently. Crossing the street, it ran into the fields. Some children were running after it laughing and clapping. Some ladies had forbidden their sons for afraid of any mishappening. Most of them enjoyed the peculiar sight.


A young girl about fourteen, named Malti was sitting on the floor before her door, so sad and uninterested with the surrounding. She had gloomy face putting on very simple trousers and frock. Some times she looked to the ground and some times to the sky, too much grieved. Lines of tears were shining over her cheeks. Some lines were dried up and some were fresh. Neither she was crying nor mourned but sobbing only. It was seemed, her melted heart was flowing through the eyes.


Till yesterday, Malti was a care free girl running after butterflies in the fields and repaying the cuckoo’s melodious tone in the orchards. Always she was a laughing girl like a blossomed flower. She was lovingly to all, most preferably to the old women and the brides. She helped the old women to fulfill their requirements. She was habitual to help the brides peeping at the doors. She served them buckets of water from the well and to make joyful their crying sons. Such problems were intolerable for her. Whole the village was considered her own house. She was natured to help the sufferers. She was never noticed tired. She was far off any misdealing or arrogance. Most often, she was discussed among the ladies,-‘At the day, whole the villagers will burst into tears, Malti will leave the village to be married.

‘We shall be like a blind and handicapped. By whom; we shall be noticed and be protected’,-The old woman expressed anxiously.

‘Whatever there might be, she is to leave this village after marriage. She can not reside here forever for us. We have also left our maternal village,’- One of them said pointing out the custom.

The father of Malti, Janak was a peasant scarcely to earn livelihood by cultivation and pet animals. He had cows, buffalos, oxen and a herd of goats. In the herd, there was a black over joyed young he-goat called for Kalu. The herd was completely under guardianship of Malti. She was fully devotee to the herd. Often, she rubbed them gently and patted their backs. The goats licked her cheeks and fore head. When she was standing with grains in her mists, she was covered by the herd. The goats were trying to reach to her mists standing on two legs. At last, they had the grains over her palms. She felt tickling to the palms. She fed them green grasses and leaves also. She served them gruel also.

One evening, Malti was sitting in the court yard with her parents and two elder brothers, Jivan and Kishan. She was rubbing the legs of a goat. Looking at Malti Jivan taunted,-‘When Malti will leave this house to be married, we are to bound to send so many goats with her’.

‘I shall request the father of the bridegroom to arrange only goats in the marriage procession of my beloved sister. She is related to the herd by heart and soul’,-Kishan joked.

‘O Daddy, note my brothers. Both vex me always’,-pretending to weep Malti protested.

‘My innocent daughter, be care free of them. My both the sons are empty minded. They are out of social traditions. Marriage processions for higher status are arranged by the elephants, camels and horses; not by asses and goats’.  Mother of Malti, Sajani was anxious for Malti neglecting domestic tasks. She was not interested to cooking and other house holds. She was engaged in herd as well as serving brides and old women. One day, Sajani advised her-‘my baby, you should be well trained for cooking. Where ever you shall go to be married, the art of cooking will be needed specially. In the society, the ladies skilled in cooking are well regarded. Your husband must have tongue and stomach too. Malti did not reply orally but denied the mother slightly playing with the lips. Sajani was annoyed and looked angrily at her husband sitting behind. She rebuked him,-‘you do not make she understand but always praising for her mischief’s too. For forth coming days, you will repentance certainly and weeping’.

‘Let it go. I will face my misfortunes. Do you had come to my house well trained’,-asked Janak boldly?

Looking at Jivan Kishan narrated,-‘Dear brother, the goats of Malti will bleat so sound that nothing will be heard. So there is nothing for anxiety’. Sajani stared her husband and ran to the kitchen.

Janak had to bear all the expenditure of the family. The house had only traditional income by cultivation.  So expenses were tight budgeted. His both the sons had shared the labor of farming. Janak had ease but the income as it was. Due to increasing dearness, family maintenance was uncontrolled. When he looked at impregnated cattle, he felt happiness for some moments. The income of the impregnated cattle was very like to the income of cultivation. The lenders fenced his house before carried the corns to the house. His face was glazed seeing the jumping kids. They were looked him like currency notes.


Gradually, Malti was turning into youth. Janak was anxious to get her married. He decided not to invest the money for family maintenance earned by selling the kids. He decided to preserve the money for wedding cost of his daughter. He made up his mind to curtail the domestic expenditure and to have a cheaper diet. None could die of cheaper diet. After dinner, he would have a sound belch at the door. Listeners would consider a rich diet in his family.


It was morning. The breeze was blowing smoothly. The herdsmen were carrying their cattle to the fields. The tied cattle to the tubs were bellowing. The cattle having calves at stables were trying to turn back. The herdsmen hardly managed them to get out. For the time being the surrounding was disturbed.

In the front of Janak’s house, there was a bush of bamboos. Some bamboos were straight with distinctive height but some were bended towards the ground. At the top of a bended bamboo, a nilkanth bird was sitting and had balanced it spreading the wings. It enjoyed of swinging. Another bird of same race reached there flying to disturb it. The first one resisted it opening its bill. Janak was sitting at his door in a loose cot very like to the covered, basket of a juggler. Due to his physical load, the stings of the cot had got down. The goats were crossing beneath the cot and also rubbed their backs. Janak was looked tilted. At a far distance, an executioner, a trader of flash known as Jalil was looked, coming towards him. He wore a long dirty cloak and low in cloth. He had lethargic steps putting a stick on his shoulder. He was chewing the betel leaf. His thick lips were layered with betel spittle. His loin was more encircled than his chest. As a whole, he was structured a giant. As he came near by Janak, he threw spittle to the ground and said addressing Janak-‘Good morning master, how do you do’?

‘I am well. You have come out very early,’-replied Janak.

‘Yes, the morning of April is cool but as the day passes, it gets hot. I am to move village to village and also to cross so many streets of a village in search of goods. It takes time’, - Jalil replied.

At the time, Kalu, beloved he goat of Malti came there jumping and started to rub its head with the hanging legs of Janak. He patted its back. It began to push him into the cot. As Jalil saw Kalu, he came in need of it. He asked Janak,-

‘Master, is it yours?’

‘Certainly, unless it has not a wrestling with me’,-pushing out its head, Janak replied.

‘Do you sell it’?-demanded Jalil.

‘At present, what shall I get of it? I think, it would be sold latter on fed well,’-Janak denied.

‘Master, this is your misunderstanding. I know well of its race. At present, it is well intoxicated. After a few days, it is to fall down. It will not be maintained in spite of rich feeding’,-Jamil made understand Janak.

‘What shall you pay for it?-asked janak.

‘Let me guess its weight now’,-saying he held up the goat and considered. Putting down the

goat, he advised,-‘O master, it is auspicious moment of the morning. The tradition should not be undue bargaining. In a nut cell, let me know your demand. If it is considerable, I shall discuss you; other wise I move ahead.

‘Four hundred rupees’,-Janak demanded hesitating.

‘Master, if you admit for three hundred rupees, I just make you cash payment,’-Jalil said.

Of course, the value of the pet animals born and brought up in the house is not realized appropriately. Rupees three hundred were not a less amount but at once acceptance was beyond the rural mechanization. He did not desire to bargain more as the goat was to fall down. He got down of the cot and forwarded to Jalil. The goat was rubbing its neck putting between the legs on Janak. Pointing out Jalil, he addressed-

‘O Jalil, really, in this morning, I swear; I am not greedy so much. I admit you but extra rupees thirty is required for garments of Malti who has nursed this he goat by heart and soul.’ Janak valued Rs. thirty only for the mothering of Malti. Her precious affection was sold by some coins. He had thought that she would be cheered up in a new dress.

‘Okay, I can not deny for this. Malti is very like to my daughter,’-saying he put out Rs. three hundred and thirty of his purse and handing over to Janak he owned the he goat.  At the moment, Malti came there running but panting. What ever she looked there was more painful than her death.  One side she viewed currency notes in her father’s hand and other side going Jalil scribing her beloved Kalu. It was out crying and resisting its best not to move ahead. For the intolerable sights, she was shocked deeply. Actually, at that time, she was also very like an animal not to protest.

Handing over the currency notes to his wife Janak prided-

‘I’ve sold Kalu for its price as well as the cost of Malti’s garments also’.

‘Did it not be sold cheaper’-doubted Sajani.

‘No, not at all, Jalil has paid such amount under excitement. I was not to miss the chance,-he trusted his wife. Looking at the gloomy face of her daughter, she did not comment any more. She moved into the house to lock up the amount. Property must be secured.


Malti realized helpless. Except sobbing at the door, there was no alternate for her. Selling of Kalu was traditional for other family members but for Malti, it was emotional.


She went to the herd and found Kalu missing. Its spot was vacant. She burst into tears. Since the moment, she remained faint. She never jumped in the streets. She did not move to help the poor old ladies and awaiting brides. She had encircled herself in the house. Kalu was always remembered to her. Perhaps, its mother had forgotten it as it had grazed as usual.


Third day, Janak was smoking at his door sitting in a cot. It was 04 o’ P.M. nearly. The sun was not so cruel. So many sparrows were jumping and twittering in the street. Some were rolling over the dust which was a natural symptom of rain falling but the weather was fine and fair. Janak lauded-‘O Malti, get me a glass of water soon’. On calling he was coughing also. He had pressed his chest by both the hands. Hardly, he controlled the coughing. Actually, curtailment of budget for family maintenance effected badly to his health. He was weaker. Malti had come fast there with a glass of water. Seeing perplexed his father, she started to rub his chest gently. Meanwhile, Jalil was looked returning to his house by the street. He had the same dress recognizing his profession. He was stepping up chewing betel. Before him, almost five he goats were moving tied along with a string. As he came near by Janak, he saluted him-‘Good evening master, are you well?

‘Yes, I’m well. To day, you have traded well,’-replied Janak.

‘Yes, it fully depends up on chance. Some time, I get a little scarcely, on other hand,  a lot of business easily. Master, on purchasing your he goat, I was under deception. I could not get the flesh ad it was considered. I could not guess the actual weight,’-Jalil explained.

‘All the traditions run after luck. For the hope of betterment, the peasants throw the grains to the unsecured fields. Some times, they turned back by heaps of grains and some times they are devoured. Business and cultivation are not like a service confirmig to be paid either it may storms or hailstones’-Janak consoled him.

‘It is correct. I am to run through loss or gain daily. In the process, I earn my loaf’-Jamil regretted. He moved quickly as the herd had gone strayed. The version of Jalil ‘For purchasing your goat I was under deception’ was meant well to Malti. Whole the sketch was appeared before her eyes. She realized a volcano in her body. Later on, blood circulation of her veins was dull and lowering palpitation. Her all the body organs got down poor and helpless gradually.


The darkness had fallen down. All the creations were under rest and asleep at night. All the members of Malti’s family had a dinner. She had gone in the bed empty stomach.  


It was at dawn. The cock crowed. The crows were flying over cawing. The little birds were twittering in the bushes. All had awakened except Malti. She had lost her morning. All the family members were engaged to their routine works. Till, Malti was in the bed. Looking at her, Sajani shouted up but there was no response from that end. She rushed to the bed and tried to awake rebuking her. Malti was no more. Sajani cried bitterly running out of the house. Listening to her all the villagers got to gather. Janak also ran with his sons as fast as he could. All were at a loss. With the help of his sons he carried out the dead body to the court yard. It was fenced by all the sobbing villagers. Opened eyes dead body was laying in the court yard. It seemed, the eyes were telling,-

‘Papa, carry me to the house of Jalil. Perhaps, there may be fulfillment’.




 The flowers of Semal


It was spring season exploring the sweetness to the atmosphere. The mango trees were covered with bunch of flowers. The bee were humming over them and the hidden cuckoo was emitting melodious note from the thick leaves of mango trees. And the black bee was roaming kissing the blossomed flowers .The wind was calm and sweet. It passed away touching the body gently causing shivering. The semal trees were covered with red flowers in the orchard. They were looked like burning towers.  Heaps of semal flowers spread all around the trees. Some flowers were faint and some fresh. Dindayal had crossed the orchard crushing the heaps of semal flowers with his plastic shoes. The soles of his shoes had got redness. He was care free of rubbing the semal flowers having no mercy at all. The heel of his right shoe was torn off. At every step his right heel got out of the shoe causing a periodic chattering was heard which was informer of his arrival and departure.

It was sun set; Dindayal reached to his cottage. His wife, Ramdulari was grinding spices on stone-plate. She was not in needing have to look behind as the chattering of the shoe was a sufficient recognition. He sat down in the court yard placing his both the shoes in front of him. He was looking them with fixed eyes. As time passed, he was grave more and more. He was minding the heaps of red semal flowers crushed with his shoes very cruelly. There was none to preserve them as they were looked charming. He had already come to know the highly evaluation of flowers. He had looked the goddess of the temples offering so many flowers. He had visited rain-flower to the celebration of aristocrats. He had seen to purchase the flowers from gardener paying rich amount. But why the red big semal flowers were fully neglected. He could not come to a conclusion for a while. At once, a thought stroked to his mind. The semal flowers were neglected being odorless. He fell to a deep grieved thought.

Looking at her husband sitting so sad, Ramdulari came near by. Yet he was looking at the pair of shoes. She doubted some forth coming misfortune. She had never seen her husband detached like that.

‘What is the thing’? - She asked shaking his shoulders.

‘Nothing else’,-he replied keeping apart his sight.

‘There is something certainly, let me know- she pointed peeping in his eyes.

‘I say, there is nothing here,’-he again pretended.

‘If there is nothing else, why are you anxious so much with dark silence? Until you will not put out the matter, I shall not talk to you and also not move to the kitchen.