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Dr. Borkar Harishchandra Prabhakar  (born 11-10-1944) is a Professor, poet & dramatist.  He has to his credit 13 books of poetry, 14 books of fiction, 16 books of Drama, 2 books of travelogue, 14 books of literary criticism and 03 books of other categories. His notable books are : (i) Zadi Baliche Bhasha vaidhnyanit adhyan, (ii) Zadipettichi Sandhar, (iii)  Zadi Marathi Shabdakosh, (iv) Zadipattichi Lok Ranga Bhoomi & (v) Viveksindhu. He got V.S.S. Nagpur. V. V. Marashi Purskar-19999, Maharashtra Govrt. Bhashashatra Puraskar-1999, Marathi Bhasha Paishad Pune-Bhasha Puraskar-2000, Ambora Dewasthan - Mukundarey- Puraskar-2006.
Contact : At. Rengepar (Kho), Post. Sadak/Pimpalgaon, Ta. Lakshani, Distt. Bhundara- 441804 (Maharashtra)
Phone : 07186-242133email :

by Harishchandra Borkar

No one is knowing
I am unknown to everyone
From where I came ?
The village is unknown.

Everyone is hoarding his pocket
Whatever he gets
Everyone is dacoit
Disguising as gentlemen.

All are busy with
Acquiring what they see
Still they are hungry
What kind of this greediness?

Where the men have disappeared?
All are looking dogs.
Thought they are mad
They are honoured by disciples.

They have no weapons in their hands
But their words is poisonous.
It will not be filled
As it is bloody wound.

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