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Bishnu Kamal Deka (born 01-03-1953) is a poet and fiction writer. He has to his credit 2 books of fiction, namely  (i) Sneh Ke Bandhan (Bhojpuri), (ii) Arnyak (Assamese). He was honoured with title of  "Kabya Bhushan" by "Kabyalok, Jamshedpur".

Contact : Naharkatia, H. S. School, P. O. Naharkatia, Dist. Dibrugarh - 786  610 (Assam)
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O Mother, Would You Wait For That Day?
a poem by
Bishnu Kamal Deka

O Mother, in your illness
If I would have given you a piece of apple !
I would have known what is sorrow.
What is life? It is not known to him
Who passes his life only by eating
Drinking and marrying.
O Mother, what is the use of life
Which does not have ambition
All the moment our life is encircled
by sorrow and poverty;
But without it also we cannot survive.
So, mother, this poem is not a hymn to
God or love,
It is a common scene of all people
Common scene of all villages
Candle burns, candle weakness.
Had we been united
There would have been no darkness
It would have chased poverty away.
The bond of exploitation
Wound have been broken by our united hands.
All the sorrow and tragedies of life
Would have came to an end.
O Mother, Would you wait for the bright day!



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