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Dance of Life - "Two"
by -Dr. (Smt.) Binay Rajaram, Bhopal

Like an Odisi dancer
Dancing gracefully in perfection
Circular foot-steps
Charming facial expressions
At times in the disguise of Krishna
Then, again as Radha.

Embodying Jaidev's Geet-Govinda
On the glittering stage
Depicting Radha's disdain
Lovingly persuading herself
As Krishna.

Bringing alive on stage
Myried forms of Radha
Love and sublime pride
Like a skillful dancer
We all dance incessantly to the
Rhythm of life.
(Translation from original poem in Hindi)

Dance of Life - "Six"
by Dr. (Smt.) Binay Rajaram, Bhopal

Narrating the myth of
The legendary characters
Decked up in glittering dresses
And ornaments.

Facial expressions and
Movement of eyes and brows
Conveying their own tales
Gesticulating hands, sometimes
In the form of flower bunch
And sometimes as bows and arrows
Posing Bheem like valour, or
Evoking manhood, like Draupadi.

Portraying and bringing to life
Varied characters of Mahabharat
In their multifarious forms.

Like the Kathakali Dancer
We all live our own lives
Replete with multiple expressions and moods
Depicting multiple characters in one.
(Translation from original poem in Hindi)