Mr. Atulya Gupta

(New Delhi)

ATULYA GUPTA is just 16, a very bright and creative student of class XI at D.P.S. R.K. Puram, New Delhi, who is a writer & poet, a consistent scholar badge holder and also a “Karate”BrownBelt
He is a national Award winner for innovation. At 9 years of age, he was the youngest innovator in 2008 to win a prize for a unique garbage disposal mechanism in a National Innovation award competition. He received the award Trophy from Honourable Late Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam (Ex President of India) at a grand ceremony at IIM Ahmedabad. When he learnt that he will be receiving the award from Dr Kalam, he painted a portrait of Dr Kalam and presented it to him during this function. Dr Kalam really appreciated the painting and the gesture.
The Times of India interviewed him and the interview was carried in their “Young Innovators” feature.
He has been painting and writing since childhood. His articles have been published in “The Hindu” supplement “Young world”. His English & Hindi poems have been published in the school magazine. Some of his Hindi poems were also published in the children’s magazine “Bal Hans”.
At 11yrs, he came out with his first book, “Pyari Chhotee Khushiyan”, a collection of Hindi poems written by him since the age of 5. This book is very innovative because it contains Atulya’s sketches depicting each of the 30 poems. Also, the book-cover features his painting titled “Love & Caring”. The poems portray the little little attachments and happiness of a young, school going child. This book was launched by Dr. D.R. Saini, Principal D.P.S R.K Puram, on 6th April, 2011, where Atulya’s teachers & parents were also present. Moreover, the book was launched in Dubai by Mr. Ashok Chandra, Chairman D.P.S. Society, at D.P.S. Sharjah in January 2012, during “PARAMPARA-2012”- an annual event.
This year, 2015, his interviews have appeared in the INDIA TODAY. A brief one in the March 27, 2015 issue and the second, a detailed interview, in the May 25, 2015 issue of India Today.


तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ

दर्द को समेटकर
दिल के किसी कोने में
ख़ुशी का शिखर ढूँढता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ I

दूर देखकर रोशनी का कर्ण
एक नयी सुबह की
उम्मीद चाहता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ I

दुःख के अहसास को
मन की दहलीजों में बंद कर
जन्नत खोजता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ I

ज़िन्दगी के उतार-चढ़ाव
सुख-दुःख के बीच
अपने-आप को ढूँढता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ
तन्हाई में छुपा रहता हूँ I
-अतुल्या गुप्ता
(Published in the Anthology “Ahsaason Ka Guldasta”)