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(West Bengal)

Amitava Vhakrabarty (born 08-04-1969) is a poet, writer & journalist. He has to his credit one book of poetry namely Solitude in english. He participated in 7th. world poetry day - organised by Sikkim Akademi (Govt. of Sikkim), Gangtok. He is honorary member of Metverse Muse, edited by Dr. H. Tulsi and member of World Poet Society, Greece. His style of poetry belongs to the old school of rhyme & rhythm and he prefers structured verse to free verse.
Address: Flat 1A, 67/9, College Road, P. O. - B. Garden, Howrah-711103 (West Bengal)

Poems by Amitava Chakrabarty


Within the dried thorns
And the projecting ferns
I heard unheard mourns-
Within the moments gone.

Did our days burn
To ashes and nothing remained
Have days of love drenched sun-
Gone, when Cupid reigned.

Now that our ways parted
I refused to walk ahead;
Back I went, I retraced
And in thorns my feet has bled.


Oh! I see fear
As glowing molten lava
Chasing me from far.

India won freedom
And lost it to her own men
As leaves in winter.

More blood is needed
To wash away clots of blood
Oh! Lady Macbeth.
My Unburnt Navel

When my half charred navel
Be washed away in un-mourning river
And dragged to the sea,
To repay the debt of Time
It shouldnít look back
To un-create the creation
It once ventured
Begging time from eternity.

The creation wrought with love
Or love inflicted pains,
Some self reflecting colours
That came down the veins
Pumped by dark blood
Into the canvas
With ardent urge to unleash
The picture of unfulfilled wish.

And when the fragile fingers-
Which drew the self-satisfying lines
Burn in the funeral pyre
Belching dark soot in the air,
The creations remain-
Like my charred navel
Unburnt by the Time.

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