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Ameya Vikrama Nandan Bhuyan

Ameya Vikrama Nandan Bhuyan (born 5 July 1961) is a noted Oriya poet, whose works have been translated and published in Hindi and English. An incorrigible romanticist, poet Ameya transcends the mundane and indulges in mystical experiences through his writings. To him : "Complete Pain is better than incomplete Happiness." He has to his credit more than 10 books.
Notable books : (i) Antima Ashru (poems in Oriya) (ii) Muhurte Nirvan (Poems in Oriya) (iii) Janha Budibar Bela (lyrics in Oriya), (iv) Pranay se Pranav (poems in Hindi) (v) Hansa Rasa (Poems in Oriya) (vi) Songs of a Sad Soul (Poems in English)
Notable Awards & Honours :
  (i) Krusaka Sambad, Cuttack, (ii) Barsa Sahitya Sansad, (iii) Ramabikshya Benipuri, Haryana
Other activities : Founder of Lekhak Pathak Sammelan, Srusti O Gavesana and Founder Secretary of Barsha Sahitya Sansad, Damanjodi.
Address : Qrs. No. I/B-149, Nalco Township, P.O. Damnjodi, Dist. Koraput-763 008 (Orissa)
email :

The Guilty
(Translation of original OriyaPoem “DOSI”)

The other day
the forest was not fully lighted
though the morn had returned
with a mix of yellow and red,
as if it had awakened
from slumber,
rubbing its eyes to clear the vision.

I woke up.

Yesterday it was raining heavily,
all through the night,
on the boughs in the forest,
on the fruits and flowers,
even on the ground.
The Kusha-grass bed was soft,
as if my two palms were full
with buds and flowers !

I laughed to my heart's content!

I laughed and laughed.
Came Goutam, interrupting his meditation,
embraced me passionately,
I drowned him in my current of love.
The Kusha-grasses,
like Goutam's beard, moustache and hairy chest,
were tickling me!
From my dewy and sweaty body,
Goutam sipped, as if sipping drops of honey.

A jug in hand I saw another Goutam,
out in the yard.
Who is real Goutam?
Can a wanton give satisfaction,
like one's husband?

What is this? What is this?
I am a chaste woman.
I see Goutam everywhere,
since my eyes, body, mind and soul,
all are in turmoil,
because to Goutam,
all I surrendered.

With raised arms,
sacred Ganges-water in palms,
he was in a fit of rage,
to curse,
which will render,
this hapless woman into a stone.
I offered my soul, my life, my mind
but does Goutam understand
anything other than body?

Since body is susceptible to sin,
it will turn into stone.
Since body embraces sin,
all these present life, after-life,
death and birth result.

Indra came for my body.
The sage is enraged for my body.
But I am beyond body.
I am both sinful and honourable.

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